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February/March 2013

Sarah, 24, Grimsargh (after 4 weeks)
OMG!!!!! I'm back to my target measurements!
Pete, 47, Ingol Started, in January 2013, at 18st 11lb. 11th February 2013 said:
I just weighed myself and I'm down to 17st 13lb. I'm going to the gym after work....
Jenna, 27, Penwortham
Yes, I'm feeling so much better with everything, loving the classes, and you make it fun which makes the difference.
Helen, Penwortham
Thanks for tonight, Paul, everyone really enjoyed it. Roll on next week.
Louise, 28, Fulwood
Thanks Paul, I'm seeing results. I've lost 4.5lb in a fortnight and I am really enjoying the workouts.
October 2012
Duncan and Caroline complete the Preston 10k 
Congratulations to our clients - Duncan and Caroline - for their excellent performance at the Preston 10km road run last Sunday morning (Dunc ran it in under 48 minutes; Caroline in under 51 minutes).
Duncan and Caroline have been coached by Paul from PWR for 5 months, culminating in this superb success.
Thanks Paul. We still have a good way to go but we have definitely come a long way.
I'm sure without your help and encouragement, our attempts would have fizzled out in no more than a couple of weeks. We are much healthier and more energetic as well as looking better I reckon. Thanks very much, Duncan.
Graeme and Neina Morris, Fulwood, Preston...
"We decided to use Paul after putting weight back on after our wedding. Winter months were looming, weight was piling back on our motivation to exercise was diminishing. Unsure of what lay ahead, we decided to let Paul into our lives for 10 weeks and saw some amazing results
Paul was able to spend the time talking to us about nutrition and diet, giving us lots of information, recommended reading material, and tips throughout the programme. Safety was always paramount in his exercise sessions and his encouragement and motivational techniques really spurred us on to push ourselves that little bit further both during his sessions and in our own time.

Paul is such an open, approachable guy and makes exercise fun!!!  We trained in our own home and he was able to utilise equipment around the home so that we could use in our own time as well as bring his own equipment with him.

If you are willing to put in the hard work, I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit."

Jenny B, aged 30, from Blackpool..
Jenny B. hired personal trainer Paul Richardson, for 4 months, from November '11 to March '12. In this time, Jenny B. has adopted sound dietary habits and maintained a steady exercise regime. The result has been a weight loss of 19lbs (1 stone and 5lbs) and she has reduced her waistline by 6 inches as well as reducing other parts of her body.
Jenny is also fitter, stronger, and more toned than when she started, and enjoys a balanced lifestyle.
Well Done on a great result, Jenny...

VIDEO...Jane's interview here...
VIDEO... And Janet's excellent interview here...

Weight loss, stress loss and energy boost for footy fan....
.....Mr. M. - A busy executive and family man from Manchester.
"To date (approx 7 weeks) I have lost 1 ½ stone"
"After many years of trying, gym based training had not worked and I was unable to control fitness and weight.
I needed something of a new approach, to work within my time scales and diary, in order to achieve benefits. I found the PWR website online and Paul visited my home for a free initial chat, shortly afterwards. I expected more of a regime styled training approach. Instead I have found that we have taken more of a balanced view on diet and exercise, which is much more interesting, and better. To date (approx 7 weeks) I have lost 1 ½ stone and definitely developed a better approach to diet, exercise and - I suspect - reduced stress levels. I have stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol, and have seen stress and weight benefits due to both. Also down to the exercises which are varied and interesting.
I would definitely recommend Paul (from PWR) to others." 

Trainer's note: Mr M. has put in a superb effort. Mr. M. put his trust in me, and was prepared to make necessary changes to his lifestyle. Mr. M. has also followed more or less exactly what I have advised him to do, right down to the right choice of nuts to snack on. Results like these are down to Mr.M's dedication, focus and commitment to a plan of action that was designed specifically for him. Well done.

Mrs. M. A female client from Fulwood, Preston
Wishing to remain anonymous, the 33 year old lady in question had an interesting goal. This involved "gaining weight" and reshaping the stomach, body and legs, gaining tone to the thighs and calf muscles, while trimming fat from the buttocks and stomach.
Mrs. T. has made excellent progress in a very short time. Between the dates of the first and last measurements - 11th and 22nd August - Mrs.T. reduced her waist measurement by some 6cm or a full 2 inches.
This a result of one to one coached circuit style exercises in her front room with a PWR Personal Training, in combination with a nutritious diet plan to speed up recovery and body changes.
Well done Mrs.T. A fine start.


Paul Mullins from Fulwood, Preston
"I feel that the training is going well. We have seen my stamina, my recovery time, my heart rate and blood pressure, all with significant changes for the better...
....I feel good in myself and when putting on clothes that previously (should we say?) were a little tight, its nice to have them fitting well again......I am enjoying the programme. I know my learning style is one whereby I work better when there is someone with me. Self-motivation to exercise and diet is very hard, especially in the modern climate we live in. As busy people there is always something else we could be doing. Grabbing food on the run is quite typical for many people in our busy lives. Paul's advice and encouragement has worked well with me...
...Now with the introduction of a strict policy on food we can see the weight loss working."

Check out Paul's Blog, Vlog and current progress at his client blog page.


Sarah W. from Penwortham, near Preston
"I thoroughly recommend PWR Fitness to anyone who's serious about achieving their goal. I ran my first marathon (April '11) in my 40s, thanks to Paul's structured, no-nonsense approach. He'll get te best out of you, keep you motivated and tell you a few amusing stories alng the way. I know I wouldn't have been in a position to run 26 miles without him."

Sarah running the 2011 Paris Marathon

Richard W. from Walton le Dale, near Preston
"After many unsuccessful gym attempts I sought out the use of a personal trainer, I’d found,  whilst being a member of some of the larger commercial gyms, I struggled to achieve my goals by myself. I wanted to bulk up and increase my general fitness. I contacted Paul, after finding his details online, and arranged an initial consultation; from here I had weekly training sessions. During these sessions Paul taught me how to focus my training and isolate muscle groups but more importantly he gave me the confidence to do this on my own. I’ve found building muscle takes time but having someone there to challenge and motivate you helps! I’d definitely recommend Paul as I’ve found him to be very supportive, knowledgeable but also professional throughout."


Dawn B. from Penwortham answered our questions.

 1. Why did you hire a trainer, and please describe your goals and your barriers? Work hired the trainer to help us use the gym and make lifestyle changes. My goals were to lose the baby weight I had gained, tone up and get fitter. My main barrier was time.
2. Why you liked Paul's approach : what you have got out of it?.. and.. I liked Pauls approach because he was knowledgeable about diet and exercise, he motivated you without making it seem too much like a chore and made you want to succeed for yourself
3. What results you have achieved? I have lost almost 2 stone in weight, dropped 3 dress sizes , toned up and managed to get a lot fitter. My diet has improved immensely and my whole outlook and mindset towards a healthy lifestyle has changed dramatically even down to cutting out caffeine.

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