Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Karen - transformation

Karen joined our regular Monday evening Kettlebell Workout Class - held weekly at Vernons Sports Club in Penwortham - on the recommendation of her friend and class regular, Angela. Karen has been through tough times with cancer and sepsis, which made her very poorly. Karen was, understandably, very cautious when she started, and struggled with balance and movement. Paul kept a close eye on Karen throughout the class, with the help of classmate, Angela, who paired up with Karen to help and guide her through what must have been a large stride out of Karen's comfort zone.

This is what its all about in our kettlebell class. Its about mutual encouragement and support. There is no competition, just each person working towards their own improvements with the support and vibration of the other members of the class. Anyone is welcome to join in, and will soon feel part of the group.

From that tentative start in June, here's what Karen had to say, a few months later, in September.
"Thank you, Paul, the weekly kettlebell class is making me feel fitter and giving me confidence. That's the main thing and I thank you again for that. I haven't been able to do much for several years - due to illness and I was struggling even to walk just 12 months ago.
I have just checked and since my first class in June I have shed 12.25kg or 2 stones in weight. Your class has given me the boost of confidence I needed and thank you again."
I think every member of the class deserves a huge congratulations on helping Karen to settle in from a position of vulnerability to confidence. Well done all.

Rico's Kettlebell Workout Class
Mondays 6-7pm
Vernon Carus Sports Club, Factory Lane, Penwortham, Preston.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Optimum Health - from bad to good habits

Managing Optimum Wellness
Energy - Mental focus - Performance - Recovery - Fitness - Immune Health

Normal remedies cause more problems
The hidden habits that "normal" life promotes are often devices for masking the stresses of life. Instant pain killers, instant mood alteration and instant energy lead us to a demand for the instant relief is the normal choice in the busy and stressful world we live in.
Unfortunately, the body and mind is being damaged! Gradually, the body responds to these instant fixes, not by reducing the demand but increasing demand for these foods, drinks and tablets.
I'm happy.
When we feel stress we mask it rather than dealing with it or curing it. Bad news or conflict creates a rush of adrenalin which requires a burst of exercise not a glass of wine. When we get a headache, we don't have time to sleep it off, yet we take a tablet. When we're hungry on the road, we can't prepare a salad whilst at the wheel, but a doughnut is cheap and handy, and the chippy is open over there.
We're not dealing with the pain or stress, we're just masking it, usually with a tablet, a caffeine hit, a sugar snack or an alcoholic beverage.

How the body eventually responds to these fixes.
Hypertension, excess fatigue, cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, impotence, heart disease and obesity are all problems than can occur quicker as a result of masking our body's natural alarm bells for too long.

"Everyone does it so its fine."
The problem is that we are stuck on the rails because these are ground in habits. Business is good, life is successful, the money needs to be made, so these devices all help.
But I'm out of breath when I climb a flight of stairs. I can't sleep at night, and the doctor wants to put me on betablockers to stop me dying suddenly of a stroke or a heart attack...

Turning the tide - getting off the rails
Acccepting that these quick fixes are taking you to poor health is the first act. Learning that you are not curing yourself but actually making matters worse is essential. Taking control of your health from top to bottom isn't too difficult. It is well and truly in your hands.

Some key habits to adopt
~ Feed the immune system
Hot and cold vegetables, fresh fruit, white meats, fish, nuts and seeds provide:
Minerals, Vitamins, Essential fatty acids, amino acids
~ keep the kidneys happy
Drink 6 pints water per day - including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
~ Reduce Toxins and Invaders
Reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, excess salt, added fat
~ Regular exercise
Mostly gentle and steady : Some progressive and challenging : Gradually increase the intensity and performance over weeks
~ Boost liver function
More cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, milk thistle extract tablets : Herbal teas etc.
Prioritise your health.

If you want guidance on these subjects, contact Paul at

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Summer Slim - Part 1 - Key Nutrients

Key Food Groups
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Proteins : Vitamins : Minerals : Fatty Acids

Eat protein rich foods : Meat, fish, eggs or nuts, pulses, beans and seeds: 
 - Ensure a full range of essential amino acids to ensure optimum health and energy

The basis of many of the body's chemical reactions. Vital for optimum repair, immune function, energy levels and connective tissues.

The body tissues are built from a range of minerals.Regular intake promotes strong bones, maintains blood vessel function, promotes dental health, improves brain function, ensures blood circulation, and much more.
Eat plants and meats, seeds and pulses.

Fatty Acids
The two primary EFAs are known as linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). These EFAs are necessary for the following processes:
  • Formation of healthy cell membranes
  • Proper development and functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Proper thyroid and adrenal activity
  • Hormone production
  • Regulation of blood pressure, liver function, immune and inflammatory responses
  • Regulation of blood clotting: Omega-6 FAs encourage blood clot formation, whereas Omega-3 oil reduces clotting. The ideal is to achieve a balance between omega-6 and omega-3 FAs
  • Crucial for the transport and breakdown of cholesterol
  • Support healthy skin and hair
Sources of Omega 3’s include flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybean and its products such as tofu and tempeh. Walnuts, and dark green veggies, such as kale, collards, chard, parsley, and cereal grasses (wheat & barley grasses), are also good sources. This is because all green (chlorophyll-rich) foods contain Omega-3 FA in their chloroplasts.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Rico's Recipes - Liver booster

Rico’s Liver health Espresso
  • ·         Small mug of almond or soya or coconut milk
  • ·         Quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • ·         Quarter teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ·         Pinch of ginger powder
  • ·         Pinch of black pepper powder
  • ·         Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • ·         Small Honey to sweeten

Heat to nearly boiling; stir frequently; for 3-4 minutes
Serve and drink as per an espresso coffee : Just before bedtime!