Wednesday 13 August 2008

Your Body Boot Camp Venues

Your Body Boot Camp Venues

Withy Grove Park, Bamber Bridge

September 2nd - 25th, 2008
TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS - 545 - 630pm
(£60 payable on enrolment)

University Campus, Preston City Centre

September 1st - 24th, 2008
MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS - 515 - 600pm
(£60 payable on enrolment)

Your Body Boot Camp

Only joking!! However I will make your one hour work out REALLY COUNT and ensure you get maximum results for your effort!

Your Body Boot Camp is back!

Your Body Boot Camp has a different mentality than the average aerobics class - it's more like personal training in groups, with 4 weeks of close focus on each person's progress, for people who want expert guidance and rapid progress. By the end you will feel like you have been a part of something!

Starting Tuesday 2nd September 2008
2 x one-hour bootcamp a week for 4 weeks. Tuesdays and Thursdays 545 - 630pm

Locations are listed in the Boot Camp schedule

How much?
4-week Your Body Boot Camp - £60 (payable prior to enrolment) or become a team manager, arrange a group of 10 or more, and enrol yourself for free.

How do I get involved?
Order your enrolment pack from Paul on 07855 121232 or email