Thursday 16 May 2019

Tennis & Fitness Class in Hoghton 2019

Hoghton Tennis Club and PWR Fitness present TurboTennis.

Tennis improvement and fitness class
TurboTennis an up-tempo group practise session designed to allow you to visibly see and feel your improvements.
Hitting techniques & movement drills
This class involves lots of shots, movements and fitness drills that will give you a good workout and give you all the skills the play better tennis.
This class is perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to keep improving their game.
Fit for tennis
Tennis is a physically demanding sport. It requires movements that do not always come naturally to the new player. In addition to learning techniques for all the shots, TurboTennis focuses on the movements and disciplines required to make you a tougher opponent!

TurboTennis fee is just £16 for a course of 4 consecutive classes.
You will require an annual Hoghton tennis club membership (only £25). This membership includes one free trial class.
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Tuesday 14 May 2019

Staying in shape at 40 and beyond

As a 43 year old fitness coach, I am fully aware of the significant changes that can start to happen to the body beyond the age where life is supposed to begin.
Well, for anyone looking forward to their life beginning, don't wish away the years before you turn 40! Seriously, enjoy them!
Ageing is inevitable. However, the speed at which our bodies decline is our business, with some fortunate genetics built in along the way. We CAN control much of it, if not all.
In men, as Bob Dylan never said, 'hormonal instructions, they are a changing'. The retreat of the hair follicles - apart from around the ears and nose, where fresh blooms seem to bush overnight - and the accelerated proliferation of the abdominal fat, present the male with new issues to deal with. For the female, hormones are only going one way between 40 and 50, and the hormonal challenges presented for women can be absolutely overwhelming. For men the physical changes in the post 40s period can be described as slightly depressing and frustrating, for women, I hear it is more transformation and, often, metamorphosis. My wife and numerous female clients who are 'in the danger zone" will sadly and angrily offer countless snippets of evidence to support this.

Although the over-40 probably doesn't feel it the day after their 40th birthday party, the perspective on one's fitness goals has changed.
From the spritely perspective of unequivocal focus on body shape, tone and appearance, emerges the subtle but profound nuance of "make sure I don't die!". There may be a number of people who love to attend a high intensity group cycling class, and you will hear them telling you how great it is, but, by and large, the threat of keeling over at some point starts to occur to mere mortals, even if the results 'guarantee' you buns of steel, a flatter tummy and granite legs.

With the advent of free jogging groups the world of jogging has taken over the fitness scene. The safety of these events has allowed more women and men to enjoy jogging, whilst the fashion of running gear is probably the biggest growth sector in the world of clothing, and what better place to show off your new shiny leggings. The winners are the sports therapists who are inundated with leg patients desperately needing patching up for their imminent charity 10km or longer.

The biggest problem with the over-40 body is the drop in metabolism. The body relaxes itself very quickly after any exertion (we love a sit down!), and with declining muscle mass, there is simply less demand for energy from the body. But does the appetite decline? Does your dinner plate contain less food than it did 10 or 20 years ago? 
The diet simply must adjust along with the declining metabolism. Even with an increase in daily exercise, the body isn't pumping like it did at 20. It is easy to get more than a little despondent. Try it! Its bloody difficult! Try losing weight through exercise alone. You feel hungrier as a result, and then what? 

My advice, other than to book yourself onto a 40+ lifestyle and fitness overhaul programme with me, either in person here in Lancashire, or by distance/online, is to sort out your DIET first and foremost. This means planning literally everything. Take the time to completely review the food you buy and prepare. Have a plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This takes concentration and focus to get going, but if you can establish a system, a shopping list, a routine, you will be healthier, more focused, feel fuller, more energised and able to concentrate better and make better decisions.

That presents the ideal base on which to build your fitness. Start with the food
See you out there.
Tell me your goals, and what's stopping you.