Thursday 15 December 2011

Spring into Summer 2012 - Your summer bodyshape

PWR Personal Training is in the results business, as our many successful friends will tell you.
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Our sole purpose is to turn you into a more healthy, more vital, more energetic and fitter YOU. What's more... All the success, when you achieve it, is yours to enjoy.


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If you need to discuss your goals we offer a free, no obligation mini-consultation, which can be arranged at your convenience. This is your chance to meet a trainer, and to discuss your goals, your concerns, and your fears, and to visualise a way forward to your goals.
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Thursday 4 August 2011

Why hire a personal trainer?

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A New Zealand perspective on what we seek when hiring personal trainer.

Also, check out this excellent article for women who want to learn about the correct way to tone up the muscles without looking like a muscle man (or woman).

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Body Mass Index Chart

A useful BMI Chart can be found here

Fitjerk's call to action...

Some views from He says...
"Dear Out Of Shape Loser,
You should be ashamed of yourself. Why?

Because you’re a disgrace to the unlimited potential of the human body, that’s why! Anyone who repeatedly struggles to get in great, head-snapping shape should be completely ashamed of themselves....."

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

The value of a professional personal lifestyle trainer

Why is personal training such a popular choice for people in the modern world today?

With the free availability of countless wellness guidance out there you would think everyone could easily get themselves into the shape and healthy state they wish for.

Alas, we all need a helping hand to guide us and to encourage us.
We can't do it "alone".

"I've tried everything!" Why will this work for me?
  • Professionals in lifestyle appraisal
At PWR Personal Training our professional full time lifestyle coaches provide a start-to-finish lifestyle consultancy which takes you from the moment you set your goal, through all the hurdles and the challenges, through to your end goal.
  • Dream Goals
We have helped people to achieve goals they thought not possible in terms of physical fitness, weight loss, and improvements in health.

How does it work?
  • Tailored to each unique person
Through expert techniques we find the solution for each and every individual we meet. We tailor a package of lifestyle activities and choices around the very unique people we meet. From busy executives to new mums, from students to retired grandparents. We take the time to listen to you and then provide a route map to success that suits you and only you.
  • Changing your belief
We'll help you realise the undiscovered potential in your body and self.
  • Full support
Our lifestyle plans are delivered with empathy, full support and are
monitored and altered throughout the time frame for maximum effect.
  • Education
You'll learn how to do things right and pick up habits that will last a lifetime, allowing you to sustain your own health and fitness long after your training programme has ended.

Find out more by calling us on 07855121232. Or send us an email containing your goals and concerns to We'll arrange an initial meeting and you could be on your way - to the new you - by the end of the day!

Personal Trainer for you

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Monday 2 May 2011

Latest Boot Camp Footage

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Monday 11 April 2011

Client Success at the Paris Marathon

Our huge congratulations to Sarah Walton from Penwortham, who completed the Paris Marathon on Sunday 10th April 2011.
Sarah commenced her training with our trainer, Paul Richardson, in early February, having completed 2 half marathons in 2010. Sarah quickly moved from 6-8 mile runs up to a 13 mile efforts, within the first few weeks of training.
Swift progress followed, seeing a 16 mile run completed within 5 weeks.
In March, Sarah entered 2 or 3 official events - between 18 and 22 miles, in the north west of England, to rehearse for the main event.
We await photographs, but we managed to find her time on the marathon website. A video will follow soon....
Well done Sarah on your magnificent performance.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

PWR Boot Camps Blog

For the latest news on our outdoor boot camp schedule, click here

Thursday 17 February 2011

Is February too late for my new year resolution?

NO. TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life!
Here in (north west) England, the frozen winter period has forced many of us into virtual hibernation for a month or two. There's no doubt it has been a difficult winter time, and with the banks continuing to rip us all off, financial insecurity is on everyone's mind. This means that fitness and personal health can take a backward step at any moment, depending on the latest turn up.
With the first shoots of daffodils and the crocus peaks through the turf, comes a fresh optimism, and a daring glimpse of spring. There is still a chill in the air, but the sun is out for longer, and we can sense the end of the coldest winter has come to an end.

Now is the perfect time to hire a personal trainer from PWR Personal Training. We will discuss your goals, discuss your barriers and your concerns. We will also identify your strengths, and through those, we will set about designing a programme that fits into your lif
estyle, and makes improvements to all aspects of your health.
We'll set a time frame around which to work, once again fitting into your schedule, and we'll make a start with some specific exercise training to suit you.
We'll take it easy at the start, and when you're ready, we'll show you how to improve and progress.
Like Natalie, who started in early January 2011, and now, 5 weeks in, has already lost 2.5 inches off her waist and the same 2.5 inches off her hips measurement.
Natalie is now going to the gym 3 times a week, and has improved from a 1 m
inute breathless jog to jogging a continuous 2 miles.

If you want to kick start your fitness, follow this simple plan

1. Decide what SUCCESS means to you
2. Call, text or email Paul here and agree on a plan
3. Stick to the plan with the support of your personal trainer
4. Count the days down to your SUCCESS

You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Visit us at PWR

Monday 7 February 2011

Saturday 5 February 2011

Weight Loss Success from PWR Corporate Wellness Programmes

Dawn Burke works for Elstat Group, in Preston, Lancashire. Dawn took full advantage of the health advice and on site personal training provided to staff as part of Elstat's corporate wellness programme, during the second half of 2010.
The wellness programme was set up and administered by PWR Personal Training, including a range of practical interventions to establish a healthier workplace culture. These included
  • health assessments and body measurements
  • exercise classes and lunchtime walks
  • healthy food demonstrations and installations
  • stress management talks
  • healthy Eating talks
  • one to one personal training consultations for staff, on request
  • newsletter e-shot to all staff
Dawn was one of many success stories. Working full time and being a parent left little time for herself. During her one-to-one consultation with Paul Richardson of PWR Personal Training she set out to lose weight and to get into shape. After 3 months of her bespoke training and diet plan, Dawn achieved the following amazing results.
  • Bodyweight dropped from 10 st 9 lb to 9 st 3 lb.
  • 20lb weight loss - all excess body fat.
  • 5 inches off her waist
  • 15% reduction in her body fat reading
  • A fitter and leaner figure
Dawn continues to maintain her figure and shape.

To find out more about how a corporate wellness package can help your organisation, contact us with your specific requirements, at PWR Personal Training.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Heavy Balls with Handles?

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The kettlebell workout is like nothing your body has ever done before.

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Visible toning for the thighs, tummy and bum.
You can add strength and muscle gains if that's your bag.

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Monday 31 January 2011

Caffeine Hangover

Caffeine acts by causing an adrenalin shot into your blood stream. This in turn causes a release of sugar into the blood stream. This "wakes you up". A short while later, this effect wears off. The adrenalin is processed, the sugar is shunted out of the bloodstream, some into the muscles and some into the fat cells.
The body and brain then suffers a crash of energy. This causes dramatic compulsions to have more caffeine or to eat sugary foods. The compulsion is so strong that we succumb. Often, in our world, the nearest option is a caffeine drink or a sweet snack. A while later, the effects wear off, which sparks off our hunger for more caffeine or sugar. A cycle develops that taps into the sugar craving brain tissues and the energy seeking body and mind.
Caffeine is addictive which means that, amongst other things, we can't do without it. Tell a regular coffee or tea drinker to give it up, and they will look at you in horror and say "I can't get through the day without it." An alcoholic says exactly the same thing. Caffeine is responsible for high blood pressure, bodyweight gain (not weight loss as advertised by brands) and for dehydration of the body and the problems linked with that. Despite its energising properties, caffeine reduces the body's natural source of energy, and caffeine addiction has a large number of effects. Google it. Its out there.
Caffeine causes acute single mindedness and prevents clear thought, just as adrenalin does. Most importantly, when it comes to sleep, the human's most powerful and important regenerative process for mind and body, caffeine prevents it. The caffeine trap sees people drink caffeine before bed, and first thing in the morning. People are riding a wave of exhaustion, and the body gradually weakens. The addiction is firmly in place. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee. This leads, actually, to dehydration and leaching of minerals and vitamins. Vitamins not replaced in the next caffeine hit.
When a person who avoids caffeine drinks some, he or she will find sleeping properly hugely difficult for the next 6-8 hours. The next morning, they feel tired. This can escalate into serious symptoms of fatigue - sometimes chronic - if unchecked.

Water to live

Drinking water is one of the most important single aspects of a healthy diet. Water is the pivot around which all nutrition rotates. Without adequate water we operate at levels that are far from optimum.
Whether your goal is optimum health, weight loss or just boosting energy, it is crucial to address your consumption of water.
If you have too much, the body will get rid of the excess entirely. Too little, and many things stop happening, and the body is left running on 50% or less.
In the middle of a cold winter in England, with water everywhere, we still find it difficult to ensure sufficient water consumption.
So next time you have a headache, before you reach for the tablets, drink a glass of water. Next time you wake in the morning, start with a glass of water. Next time you feel a bit peckish, drink a glass of water.
Start with water.
More simple and easy tips coming soon to the PWR blog.

Monday 17 January 2011

Sorry, this offer has expired.....

Great deals from PWR Personal Training
Our best ever offer for expert One to One lifestyle and fitness management
Now just £250
Firstly, some success stories...
    • Janet lost 9 lbs between October and December 09. See here
    • Karen lost 29lbs (YES, 29lbs or 13kg) between November 09 and February 10. See here
    • Jane lost 12lbs between Oct and Dec 09. See here
These are real women, all with full time jobs and busy social lives.

After 30 days of personal training you too can achieve:
    • 8lb weight reduction
    • Improved stamina
    • Fitter body
    • Firmer hips and thighs
    • Better posture, stronger back
    • Improved energy levels
With effort and dedication from you, and the guidance and support of a professional personal trainer, you can make a huge difference to your current and future health and body shape.
    • Your expert trainer will work out the ideal exercise and diet plan to suit you and just you.
    • You will notice improvements during every workout.
    • You will feel switched on to taking complete care of your health.
    • You will gain the knowledge and resolve to do it by yourself
    • Every minute of your workout will make a difference.
Here's our best ever offer.
30 days of intensive personal training (10 sessions max)
Normally £395.
Now just £250
For a limited time and limited number of packages only
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Terms & Conditions
    • 30 days fixed time contract
    • Includes maximum of 10 one to one coached workouts
    • Includes consultation and health screening
    • Includes weight management and diet plan
    • Couples or pairs package available - priced at £300
    • Results suggested are subject to individual variables
    • Results only through dedication
    • Petrol supplement may apply

Paul Richardson
PWR Personal Training

Thursday 13 January 2011

If you are looking for an assured way to get your fitness and body shape back where it belongs.....Check out our unbeatable new offer for a month of intensive fitness and lifestyle.
Get into shape and stay that way.

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