Thursday 12 October 2017

6lb shred in 10 days

For someone who:
  • Does between zero exercise to one workout a week
  • Is more than 14lb (1 stone) over their desired weight.
Wants to:
  • Stop fat storage
  • Lose weight

Daily routine tips:

  • Sleep - try to go to bed an hour earlier than your usual time
  • Before bed - Drink 1 pint of water
  • When you wake up - Drink 1 pint of water

Key diet ideas - do these for 10 days

Completely remove bread from your diet : Do not look for a substitute!
Also reduce other starches - rice/pasta/potato
Try to drink 6 pints water a day

1 or 2 boiled egg(s) and 2 pieces of fruit
1 pint of water

Small soup
Chicken or Turkey or fish or eggs or beef with mixed and green vegetables or salad
Also eat beans, peas, lentils, nuts.
Add 2 pieces of fruit
1 pint of water

Evening Meal:
Chicken, Turkey, fish, eggs, beef with mixed and green vegetables or salad
One SMALL portion of rice/pasta/potato
Also eat beans, peas, lentils, nuts.
Add 2 pieces of fruit
1 pint of water

Snacks - any time required
Eat protein snacks - sliced meat, almonds/hazelnuts, yoghurt.
Add any fresh, raw fruit/vegetables e.g. raw carrots, beetroot
Small fruit/green smoothies
Drink water


AVOID SUGAR and STARCHY CARBS e.g.Crisps, biscuits, cakes, all breads.


Wednesday 5 July 2017

PWR Online personal training

10lb weight loss success (in 30 days) with PWR Personal Training!
Online personal training client, Adam, described that after a busy year of work and becoming a father, the time had come to address his body weight and fitness. Adam had been paying a gym membership in Epsom but hardly using it, despite good intentions. Adam ideally wanted to shed an unwanted 2 stone (28lb) bodyfat by September 2017. Starting in May, trainer Paul identified Adam's preferred exercises, and built a set of "challenges" around those activities. Adam embarked on Paul's plan, putting his gym membership to good use. He was asked to record and report - all completely online - data from each workout, and provide a weekly diet summary. We spoke via Skype once per week.

 Within 30 days Adam had shed 10 pounds of body fat! 

Online PT Weight loss for Adam
 "I would have taken that progress at the start without doubt and now need to kick on over summer. I'd like to persevere over the next month / 6 weeks and then revisit with you and do another focused plan to achieve the 2 stone weight loss before I go on holiday in September." Adam, from Epsom, Surrey.

OFFER: During July and August 2017 - for £150 - our 6-week Trim & Tone package.
Start now - email and describe the dream body shape you seek.


What do you need to happen?

Thursday 29 June 2017

PWR's Marathon runners role of honour

We are very proud of our list of PWR clients who have completed a marathon.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Do I really want to improve my own health? Quiz!

Hello to you, the next PWR success story.
Before you hire a PWR personal trainer, are you sure you are motivated?
Answering these questions might help.

What is your most pressing health, fitness goal?

How important is it to you and why?

How much of a priority, is your goal, to you?

How confident are you of achieving it?

What is stopping you?

When do you want to reach your goal by?

What is more important to you than this goal?

By answering these questions I hope you will have a clearer idea of whether you want to start and whether you are going to succeed.
If you feel like making a start - yesterday! - then......
email Paul here or text/call 07855 121232 to talk it through.