Friday 2 February 2018

February. Beach body for me, please.

February - A month when many English people sense the glimmer of the end of another freezing winter. Many, too, book their summer holidays, and with it, they start thinking about getting into some form of acceptable body-shape before their annual fortnight in shorts and swimwear. Who knows, in the summer, perhaps to look good at home for a few months in the English sun?
PWR Motivation
With a personal training pack from PWR Personal Training, of Hoghton, Lancashire, you will take control of the process, and ensure that you look your best and stay that way. No fad diets that leave you depressed at every meal time; plus muscle-toning, metabolism-boosting workouts.
If you desperately need a spark of motivation, it might be worth you choosing to call Paul and discuss a starter pack package for yourself. It might be all you need to get you on a healthy track for your immediate, short term health and also for a long and energetic life.
Paul, I am short of time and I am totally unfit?
This makes you a perfect candidate for our personal training approach.
With a bit of planning and organisation which Paul will help you with, the exercise required will take up no time at all from your day. We get things moving without taking up a major slice of your time and it won't leave you knackered for the rest of the day.

Add the smart diet choices and adjustments that we recommend (which also take no time), you can make all the difference and start shedding those inches where it matters.
What do you need? When by? Give Paul a call.