Wednesday 27 July 2011

Body Mass Index Chart

A useful BMI Chart can be found here

Fitjerk's call to action...

Some views from He says...
"Dear Out Of Shape Loser,
You should be ashamed of yourself. Why?

Because you’re a disgrace to the unlimited potential of the human body, that’s why! Anyone who repeatedly struggles to get in great, head-snapping shape should be completely ashamed of themselves....."

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

The value of a professional personal lifestyle trainer

Why is personal training such a popular choice for people in the modern world today?

With the free availability of countless wellness guidance out there you would think everyone could easily get themselves into the shape and healthy state they wish for.

Alas, we all need a helping hand to guide us and to encourage us.
We can't do it "alone".

"I've tried everything!" Why will this work for me?
  • Professionals in lifestyle appraisal
At PWR Personal Training our professional full time lifestyle coaches provide a start-to-finish lifestyle consultancy which takes you from the moment you set your goal, through all the hurdles and the challenges, through to your end goal.
  • Dream Goals
We have helped people to achieve goals they thought not possible in terms of physical fitness, weight loss, and improvements in health.

How does it work?
  • Tailored to each unique person
Through expert techniques we find the solution for each and every individual we meet. We tailor a package of lifestyle activities and choices around the very unique people we meet. From busy executives to new mums, from students to retired grandparents. We take the time to listen to you and then provide a route map to success that suits you and only you.
  • Changing your belief
We'll help you realise the undiscovered potential in your body and self.
  • Full support
Our lifestyle plans are delivered with empathy, full support and are
monitored and altered throughout the time frame for maximum effect.
  • Education
You'll learn how to do things right and pick up habits that will last a lifetime, allowing you to sustain your own health and fitness long after your training programme has ended.

Find out more by calling us on 07855121232. Or send us an email containing your goals and concerns to We'll arrange an initial meeting and you could be on your way - to the new you - by the end of the day!

Personal Trainer for you

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