Sunday 8 December 2013

Decision time. Choosing, and taking, the healthy path

We all want to feel and look good - I am confident that this applies to most people. Some more than others, but we all look in the mirror and cast a judgement on how we look. Many choose to ignore or bury their intuition, but eventually - sooner or later, and for one reason or another - most will take a stand and decide to do something about a state of low energy, low motivation, a tired head and a flabby bum.
However, that decision is just the start and by no means the end! Fitness training and healthy eating competes with a host of other activities and temptations in the daily life we lead. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements of awful foods that are anything but good for us. If that isn't already enough to make us stumble in our quest for rude health, the "pressure" from the people we mix with, to eat and drink things that are anything but good for us, is bound to tip the balance against your otherwise best intentions.
One by one, at PWR Personal Training, we identify the layers of bad habits, and gradually peel them away, layer by layer. This involves changes in both behaviour, personal perspective and attitude. Where a person is stuck in a social circle that encourages over eating and drinking it can be very difficult to tear yourself away from such a social trap. Without ruining that social circle, we educate and moderate your behaviour so that you retain all the good social elements, without others noticing a change in your behaviour. Indeed, others will eventually follow your example.
Equally, intrinsic addiction to sugary and fatty foods is often one addiction that is not recognised as much, at least, as caffeine and alcohol. Sugar, yeast, fat, salt all appeal greatly to both taste buds and brain chemistry. Brain activity is seriously disrupted by these nutrients, and often our brains can "take over" with an almost insatiable compulsion to feed a craving or offset what we perceive as "hunger". "I'm bloody starving, but I only ate half an hour ago!" Before we know it, we've succumbed to a "need to eat" and we've munched through a pizza and a coke, without even thinking....
forget it?
Physical exertion is also an horrific act for many people. Previous bad experiences or pain - or both - force people to the logical conclusion that it is not worth doing it. Why bother when it hurts? (The reality of physical fitness - or lack of it - can drastically affect both quality and length of a life. I've met people in their 20s who can't climb a flight of stairs without feeling some form of angina. If that's an attractive prospect, that's your call!). Many are simply terrified to do anything that makes them breath fast. At PWR we recognise that fear, we understand it, and we deal with it.
Physical training starts, literally, with putting one foot in front of the other. PWR trainers take our clients from their basic starting level, and gradually introduce progression when your body tells you it is ready. It is not military style training - all humiliation and criticism. Instead, it is supportive, controlled and motivating coaching. When you feel ready to step it up, that's when we step it up.
One step at a time, with a PWR trainer, you can transform fear into satisfaction, pride and enthusiasm. You can adjust disruptive habits of diet and lifestyle into sensible, simple, and super healthy habits. You can deal with each barrier that used to stand in your way, and build a strong and confident attitude that can work for you in the long term.
If you think you want to make a change, but you might need a bit of support to do it, I'm confident we can help you.
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Thursday 5 December 2013

Specialists in converting the inactive to the active

Here at PWR Personal Training, we emphasise the fact that most of our valued clients start out as inactive, non-gym going, time starved, busy and often unfit people. It is perhaps necessary to dispel the illusion that people who are super fit hire personal trainers. Quite the contrary, in fact.
This changes once we've worked with people for a number of weeks, as they become empowered to take charge and to control their health and shape, thanks to our education and training processes.
Coaching and Educating
Our brief is to first identify the needs and barriers that each person brings. These can include multiple prior attempts to get into shape and shed excess body fat which either fizzled out like a damp firework, or which worked for a fortnight and then dissolved after a blow out at an 'unavoidable' heavy weekend with friends.
In addition to highly motivating one-to-one coached workouts, which are intended to bring out the potential performance a person might not realise on their own, we educate our clients on lifestyle and exercise theory, so that they can take charge of their health and progress in their own time and into the future.
Good Habits
After a designated period of coaching time - 6,8, 12 or more weeks - our clients have eliminated - quite possibly - dozens of detrimental habits and replaced them with positive interventions across the lifestyle spectrum, from improved time management to deeper, more refreshing sleep, to improved hydration levels.
With the support of a PWR Personal Trainer, each clients' wellness and shape will have the best chance of reaching full potential.
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