Tuesday 4 September 2018

Optimum Health - from bad to good habits

Managing Optimum Wellness
Energy - Mental focus - Performance - Recovery - Fitness - Immune Health

Normal remedies cause more problems
The hidden habits that "normal" life promotes are often devices for masking the stresses of life. Instant pain killers, instant mood alteration and instant energy lead us to a demand for the instant relief is the normal choice in the busy and stressful world we live in.
Unfortunately, the body and mind is being damaged! Gradually, the body responds to these instant fixes, not by reducing the demand but increasing demand for these foods, drinks and tablets.
I'm happy.
When we feel stress we mask it rather than dealing with it or curing it. Bad news or conflict creates a rush of adrenalin which requires a burst of exercise not a glass of wine. When we get a headache, we don't have time to sleep it off, yet we take a tablet. When we're hungry on the road, we can't prepare a salad whilst at the wheel, but a doughnut is cheap and handy, and the chippy is open over there.
We're not dealing with the pain or stress, we're just masking it, usually with a tablet, a caffeine hit, a sugar snack or an alcoholic beverage.

How the body eventually responds to these fixes.
Hypertension, excess fatigue, cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, impotence, heart disease and obesity are all problems than can occur quicker as a result of masking our body's natural alarm bells for too long.

"Everyone does it so its fine."
The problem is that we are stuck on the rails because these are ground in habits. Business is good, life is successful, the money needs to be made, so these devices all help.
But I'm out of breath when I climb a flight of stairs. I can't sleep at night, and the doctor wants to put me on betablockers to stop me dying suddenly of a stroke or a heart attack...

Turning the tide - getting off the rails
Acccepting that these quick fixes are taking you to poor health is the first act. Learning that you are not curing yourself but actually making matters worse is essential. Taking control of your health from top to bottom isn't too difficult. It is well and truly in your hands.

Some key habits to adopt
~ Feed the immune system
Hot and cold vegetables, fresh fruit, white meats, fish, nuts and seeds provide:
Minerals, Vitamins, Essential fatty acids, amino acids
~ keep the kidneys happy
Drink 6 pints water per day - including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
~ Reduce Toxins and Invaders
Reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, excess salt, added fat
~ Regular exercise
Mostly gentle and steady : Some progressive and challenging : Gradually increase the intensity and performance over weeks
~ Boost liver function
More cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, milk thistle extract tablets : Herbal teas etc.
Prioritise your health.

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