Thursday 9 May 2013

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Paul Richardson, Professional Personal Trainer
Preston, Lancashire, North-west England

The PWR Fitness Archives - client reaches the summit of Kili'

Robin TillbrookRobin Tillbrook completed a life-changing trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, in February 2007, in aid of Macmillan and was one of only 8 out of 32 climbers to reach the summit and he had this to say to Paul Richardson of PWR Personal Training:

"Thank you for all your help during the months before I climbed Kilimanjaro. I have no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that without the gym time I spent with you, I would not have made it to the summit. It would have been 7 out of 32!

Over the months you have, not only, prepared me physically, something I would never have done on my own, but you built up my mental strength, and that is what I needed most on the final summit night. So all those days when I have wanted to give up and tell you to **** off and you pushed me, that is what I feel got me there. I could never have imagined how tough it was, I had everyone telling me that I was training too hard and maybe I should take it easy for a while but I am glad we carried on.

THANK YOU Paul for everything, I really do mean it when I say that without you I would not have made it"
Robin Tillbrook, Bamber Bridge, Preston
Age 44

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