Sunday 30 October 2016

Sleep and sugar and optimum health

At PWR Personal Training we continue to study the scientific research surrounding optimum health. You can do it too, but probably it is best to dig as deep as you can into the subjects of nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle.
It is important to be sceptical of websites that offer sound science to back up their headlines. Scepticism is required until you discover the producer of the website. Often what appears to be objective science is actually heavily loaded in favour of the product or service the website is offering further down the scroller. At first the presentation of the science is gratefully received, but gradually one can start to sense an overwhelming bias towards the product. Often this is a magical weight loss product or an obscure new supplement that is saving lives etc.
  • On balance, a healthy lifestyle is simply just that: a good balance.
Every night the body works while you sleep, to reset itself. The organs and systems deal with the toxins produced and eaten by your body during the day. Despite it doing its best, this normal bodily process is directly affected by our lifestyle, our diet and our level of exercise. If our lifestyle and choices overwhelm the system, this overnight bodily reset can misfire.
I research diet books and strategies all the time. The best diet plan I have found after years of research, is Patrick Holfords "Low GI (or GL) Diet" book and others by this expert nutritional scientist. Holford looks at food from a scientific and pragmatic stance, and produces sound, sensible advice, backed up by his own in depth studies. I recommend  "The Holford Low Gl Diet" by Patrick Holford (£1.01 online).

Thursday 13 October 2016

Adrenal Burnout, A detailed study.

Cited from a web article by Dr. L.Wilson.
This article examines this extremely common syndrome – its causes, symptoms and the process of recovery of vibrant health with a nutritional balancing program.
Note: In nutritional balancing science, one never focuses on just one organ or gland. The reason is that the body works mainly as one whole system, not as a collection of organs and glands.This article focuses on the adrenal glands because of their central role in the body. However, in reality a corrective program for the adrenals must address all aspects of body chemistry, diet, lifestyle and detoxification – not just the adrenal glands.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Worth a look for niggling sports injuries and posture problems

This website is recommended if you exercise (or not) and feel constant aches and pains that you think shouldn't be happening but it isn't crippling enough to force you to seek help.

I had a lower back ache and pain that I couldn't shift via the stretches I thought were required. This chap, in just two 6-minute youtube clips, has diagnosed and started to sort out my low back aching.

Well worth a look, I reckon.

Saturday 20 August 2016

Client review

Pam trained for 12 weeks in the Spring and Summer of 2016. Previously Pam had been recovering from a life threatening illness and she wanted to continue this recovery and get into optimum health and shape.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Why You Need To Hire A Coach In 2016/17

When it comes to building your personal wellness, a coach can be a powerful
resource who can help you get out of your own way, stand out, and take action to achieve the things that are truly important to you. Your coach can help you:
  1. Get clear about your goals. Your company may be pulling you in one direction, while your manager is giving you different advice based on other criteria. Your coach will help you determine what’s really important to you and help you stay focused on that.
  2. Identify blind spots. Coaches help you figure out what you don’t know, and they clue you in to things you may not be able to see. They will be honest with you because they are not vested in any specific outcome.
  3. Be accountable. Coaches keep you on track and moving forward toward new levels of  achievement. For many of us, having someone we answer to motivates us to act.
  4. Focus your development efforts. Coaches help you know the difference between weaknesses you need to fix and those that are best left as they are. This can help you invest time and energy only in the most fruitful opportunities.
  5. Gain a competitive advantage. A coach can help you get from point a to b faster than you could on your own, helping you differentiate yourself from the pack and advance your career at a quicker clip.
  6. Acquire leadership skills. Coaches model skills that are valuable for today’s leaders. After you work with a coach for a while, you can start to adopt those powerful questioning techniques, which helps you become a better listener. This is just one of the many ways you can  integrate a coaching style into your own leadership approach.
  7. Increase engagement. A recent Gallup study revealed that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Yet according to a study done by HCI and the ICF, coaching correlates with increased employee engagement; 65% of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged.
  8. Feel happier. Because coaches help you identify and align your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, and clear tolerations, they help you increase your professional fulfillment.
Simply put, a coach will help you stoke your success. How much is that worth to you?

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