Thursday 23 February 2012

A PWR PT is perfect for absolute beginners

Going for a walk was never this complicated
No minimum fitness level
There is no minimum level of fitness required by anyone thinking about hiring a personal lifestyle and fitness trainer.
The single goal for a trainer is to create a path for their client to improve all aspects of their health.
Beginners make the fastest progress
In actual fact, the clients who make the most rapid and most visible improvements are usually those who class themselves as absolute beginners.
You have to start somewhere
Yet, this status as absolute beginners is a self perpetuating situation for the person involved. For instance, the absolute beginner feels as such, and feels already like a failure before they've even begun. And they are certainly not going to undress the fact in front of a fit and healthy fitness professional.
Its free to meet us!
This is completely understandable, except it betrays the ethics of the trainers at PWR Personal Training, who are firstly, normal human beings with an interest in the way our minds and bodies work. Our trainers are caring people. Our first step, when a prospective client calls, is to arrange a free, no-obligation chat at a time and a place to suit the client. At home or in a cafe, for instance. 
This is our chance to meet with you and, without commitment, for you to tell one of us what you really want to achieve. It is confidential, and goes no further. 
Your goals, your personal programme
If we strike up a rapport, then we'd agree on an initial training period, and set up an appropriate package of training, based on one to one exercise sessions, and a thorough consultation, diet analysis and goal setting session at the start.
Call for a free mini-consultation
Our personal trainers are here to help you believe in yourself, to give you control on the reins of your life, and to achieve the results you seek. This all starts with an informal, relaxed mini-consultation, which is available to you simply for picking up the phone today. Call Paul on 07855 121232.

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