Monday 23 April 2012

Your future starts in the next heartbeat

What do you want to change about yourself today?
I want to change my...
... Body size
... Self-confidence
... Eating habits
...I'm too busy
...I have no time
...I'm too tired
...I'm not motivated
From the moment you meet your PWR Personal Trainer, you will start to build confidence and remove doubt.
We'll guide you through positive steps to create powerful habits that reduce fatigue and reduce the bodyfat that is poking out where it shouldn't.
We are experts in boosting your physical and motivational state from DAY ONE.
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Thursday 19 April 2012

Continued success from PWR clients...

Graeme Morris has upgraded his chassis
Key expertise, here at PWR Personal Training, is educating and establishing effective lifestyle habits into busy, hard working, time-starved people. Good habits that clients can take with them into their future, long after their final session with our trainers. We empower people to take positive control of their wellness, and give our clients confidence to make more and more progress. In Autumn 2011 Graeme Morris, and his wife Neina, started a 2-month health and fitness programme with Paul from PWR Personal Training. They committed to diet analysis and adopted a weight management eating plan. They also embarked on weekly, circuit-style workouts, coached by Paul, in their own living room. In between their coached sessions, Mr. and Mrs. Morris followed a schedule of jogging and/or gym-based cardio-exercise.
Both Graeme and Neina saw vast improvements to their fitness. Graeme shrunk his waist by 3 inches; Neina by 2 inches. They both improved in their sense of fitness.

Today, I heard back from Graeme, who sent me this message...

"Hi Paul...I will be doing my second Triathlon on 20th May, and I've entered all 4 of the Preston Guild Runs, plus the Blackpool 10k! You have inspired me since our sessions.
We still do our kettlebell workout at home most weeks. Neina has entered the Guild Half Marathon! I'll let you know how I get on..."
Well done to Graeme and Neina.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

Do you want to be happy, healthy, and functionally fit well into your coming years? Are you noticing that it’s increasingly challenging to find the motivation to stay physically active? The good news: you don’t have to do it alone. A qualified personal trainer can help you achieve your goals in more ways than you may have considered! Below are my top ten reasons why every person should hire a personal fitness trainer.
Top reasons to hire a personal trainer
1. Reduce injury risk Ignorance and poor execution are common catalysts for injury. A knowledgeable personal trainer will improve your exercise execution and skill so that you reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of each activity.

2. Personal trainers are inexpensive It’s true! Most trainers will charge between £30 and £40 per session and many offer discounts if you buy a package of sessions. And what’s this worth to you?
Let’s say you purchase a four-session package at £35 per hour, which amounts to £140. Say you do one session per week, so your package is good for one month. Now, add up your luxury “feel good” monthly expenses for items such as clothes, shoes, cigarettes, dinners, alcohol, entertainment, etc. Is it more than £140 Most likely! Try cutting down a little (not completely) on some of these expenses and put some of your savings towards your health and future!

3. Long-term guidance and motivation As we age, it gets harder to stay motivated towards exercise, so having a trainer guide and motivate you can keep you going. Certified personal trainers can provide structure and do the thinking for you so you can focus on the “doing” rather than the planning. Initially, you may need to see your trainer more often to get on the right track; however, once you have learned what to do and how to do it, you can spread your sessions out to every 3-4 weeks. Consider these sessions your “review, revise and revitalize” check-ups.

4. Accountability Your personal fitness trainer is there, waiting for you to show up. You can’t just find excuses not to go to the gym when someone is expecting you! Plus, your trainer reminds you of your reasons for wanting to exercise, and helps you understand why it’s so important even when you feel as though you could talk yourself out of it!

5. Variety and creativity Trainers are professionals who are well versed in making exercise “fun” and more interesting by offering a wide variety of creative exercises. Too many of us get bored with our gym routines and start finding reasons not to go. Keep it interesting!

5. Learn life-long skills The role of a personal trainer is to provide you with the right knowledge, resources, guidance, training and skills so that you can do “it” for yourself! He or she is there to support you as you work towards enhancing the quality of your life now and in the future. Let your trainer guide you and teach you how to be your own personal trainer!

6. Put the “personal” in your training A skilled trainer will assess your specific needs, injuries, health conditions or training goals (that 10km race you’re dreaming about, for example). The trainer will then develop a personalized plan with clear timelines and short-term achievement goals that will safely and effectively enable you to succeed.

7. Learn effective and efficient techniquesSpending too much time at the gym with not enough results? Personal trainers can save you plenty of time and energy wasted doing inefficient workouts. They show you how to maximize your efforts and your results.

8. Lose stubborn fat It can become increasingly challenging to lose fat as we age. Why? Four main reasons: loss of calorie burning muscle tissue, increase in caloric intake, decreased activity levels, and changes in hormone balance. A trainer can help you build and maintain muscle mass, increase caloric expenditure and refer you to the proper specialists to address any medical issues such as hormonal imbalances that may be impeding your success.

9. A trainer is a great resource A good trainer usually has a network of other specialists in the areas of nutrition, naturopathic medicine, massage, and more. Your trainer can refer you to the right specialists for all your non-exercise health needs.

10. Set the stage for a healthier futureThere is little any physician, personal trainer or pill can do for you, other than what you can do for yourself. Being willing to make real long-term changes in your life is an inside job. Hiring a qualified trainer, even temporarily, can set the stage for a healthier, happier and more functionally active future.

We all want to be healthy and happy well into our senior years. Why not let a qualified personal trainer get you started in the right direction and spark your internal drive to continue your health and fitness program on your own with “revitalizing” check-ups every 3 to 4 weeks. After all, while our top ten reasons to hire a trainer are important, the number-one reason will always be your health and vitality!

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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Targets and Goals

Why set goals?
Every one of us may spend countless hours to think about our present life and future. Almost everyone wishes to change our lives. Whether it is family life, friendship, career or finances. We all want to change something. The first step is to set goals.

What are the benefits of goal setting? 

There are many of them and many reasons for why set goals.

1. You take control of your lifeGoal is like a GPS in life. It gives you direction and helps you choose where to go in life. It makes you vision about your ideal future and to turn it into reality. When you have achieved the goal, you improve your life and become a better version of yourself.

2. You focus on the important thingsGoals help us to sort out what is important and what isn't. You will only focus on the things that you want to achieve and spend precious time on them.

3. You will make good decisionsGoals help you identify and establish your priorities and make the right choices based on the long-term view of what is most important to you.

4. You can finish the task efficientlyYou will focus and concentrate your time and energy on the task. Keep away all the distractions and this make you efficiently.

5. You will be self-confident and enthusiasticWhen you set a goal and measure the achievement, you are able to see what you have done and what you are capable of. This process of achieving goals gives you the confidence and a belief in your self. And you become enthusiastic too.

6. You will make progressAfter you have achieved one goal, you will try to achieve higher goals. In the long turn, you will see big progress you have made when look back.

7. You are closer to successGoals are the starting point of success. A good start makes half the success.

After you see these benefits, you will know the importance of goal setting and why we need to set goals. You will not pay a price for setting goals, but you will pay a price for not setting them.
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