Thursday 19 April 2012

Continued success from PWR clients...

Graeme Morris has upgraded his chassis
Key expertise, here at PWR Personal Training, is educating and establishing effective lifestyle habits into busy, hard working, time-starved people. Good habits that clients can take with them into their future, long after their final session with our trainers. We empower people to take positive control of their wellness, and give our clients confidence to make more and more progress. In Autumn 2011 Graeme Morris, and his wife Neina, started a 2-month health and fitness programme with Paul from PWR Personal Training. They committed to diet analysis and adopted a weight management eating plan. They also embarked on weekly, circuit-style workouts, coached by Paul, in their own living room. In between their coached sessions, Mr. and Mrs. Morris followed a schedule of jogging and/or gym-based cardio-exercise.
Both Graeme and Neina saw vast improvements to their fitness. Graeme shrunk his waist by 3 inches; Neina by 2 inches. They both improved in their sense of fitness.

Today, I heard back from Graeme, who sent me this message...

"Hi Paul...I will be doing my second Triathlon on 20th May, and I've entered all 4 of the Preston Guild Runs, plus the Blackpool 10k! You have inspired me since our sessions.
We still do our kettlebell workout at home most weeks. Neina has entered the Guild Half Marathon! I'll let you know how I get on..."
Well done to Graeme and Neina.

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