Friday 31 July 2009

Location Location Location

Where you train is completely up to you.
To that end, the essence of personal training lies in the convenience to our clients. I find that many of our clients get a great deal of value from the time and energy saved by having their trainer visit them at their home or at a location to suit, rather than the client wasting time from their busy schedules, and travel costs, by travelling to and from crowded fitness centres.

Effective exercise training is not constrained by location or equipment. Our trainers can create effective workouts as easily in a small living room as in a fully equipped gym. The fundamental part of genuine personal training is the unmatched convenience factor offered to the client.
Add in the certainty of results, and constant encouragement and teaching, and a personal training package is hard to match.

If you prefer to use a gym, or if you want to learn how to get the best out of a gym, PWR has a superb gym facility, based at the St.Augustine's Avenham Centre in Preston's city centre.
"START" is a very spacious, air conditioned, and fully equipped gym. Rates are very competitive and flexible memberships are available. The centre contains studios for classes, fully fitted changing rooms, and hosts the city's basketball team.
PWR's clients are welcome to sample the gym facilities for a free workout, and if you decide to take a membership, the costs can be absorbed into your personal training package.
I'm happy to boast that every single member of the gym who has hired a PWR personal trainer has seen significant success in their training. Among them, Chris, Zubair, Ann, Mark and Zak.
To conclude, personal training is all about convenience. If it suits you, you can take your workouts in our gym facilities, and join the others in their success.

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Wednesday 29 July 2009

Personal Trainers - REALITIES and MYTHs

  • How do I hire a personal trainer?
  • Are all personal trainers jungle gym vein-faced muscle bulging freaks?
A warm welcome (back) to our blog on all things to do with PWR World. Its green, its blue, and its round.
Anyone who considers hiring a personal trainer enters a unique and exclusive club. A unique membership of people with certain distinguishing characteristics. Largely, you have all seriously considered taking action. You have taken the decision to do something about your own health and fitness. Why is it unique? Because most people do not take responsibility for their own health and well-being. A vast majority of people take their health for granted, only stopping to consider where it all went wrong, after its too late.
Human nature? If self-destruction is part of human nature, then perhaps. But if thriving not just surviving is more your thing, then the human nature I'm talking about is about improvement, progression, and making intelligent choices now for the improvement of today and tomorrow.

The personal trainer is the catalyst that turns your ideas of what you want to be into a cogent, real and practical pathway to success. The personal trainer plots a route, through the different aspects of lifestyle, to provide balanced progress towards the goals you seek.
Your consultation will delve into your previous and current lifestyle habits. From those findings, the trainer can tweak the diet here, improve behaviour there, and introduce the exercises that will change your body onto a different vibrational plane.
A steady, careful approach at first, followed by small gear changes, towards something resembling the person you remember being, or beyond, to the person you imagine yourself to be.
Gradually, as you progress, you will start to adopt the things you have learned into your lifestyle. These new behaviours and choices will feel strange and alien at first, but soon start to feel obvious, logical and subconscious. They become habits. It is the aim of the personal trainer to introduce you to these changes, help you get used to them, and make them your lifestyle habits.
Dozens and more of our clients, long after completing a training package, continue to make amazing progress. Those who embrace what the trainers tell them and put them into practise, see outstanding results which they own and for which they, alone, are responsible.
Others prefer regular workouts with their trainer, in order to keep them on the right path, and ensuring that their workouts remain tough and progressive.
In the end, we all need a bit of help and encouragement, and with a personal trainer, you get it in spades.

See for yourself - book a free, no-obligation 20 minute mini-consultation at a time and place to suit you. Its your chance to meet one of our trainers and to open up about the goals you seek. Its your chance to open up your new future, now.

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Tuesday 28 July 2009

Holford - Recommended Reading

With books such as The Holford Low GL Diet, and a list of others, these books provide a thorough guide to eating the right foods for optimum health, lifestyle and energy levels.
The book is a guide to healthy eating which educates the reader about what is doing your body good, and what ISN'T.
For those who enjoy carbohydrate with everything they eat, prepare yourself for some unwelcome revelations about what it is doing to your health. Unless you are performing an extremely active job, it is likely that your calorie intake is more than double that required to survive. Inevitably, the result of excess carbohydrate and fat is stored fat under your skin.
The GI or GL theory is well known, and Holford is the best exponent of it on the shelf. He goes into a lot of detail which is convincing enough to persuade you to alter the contents of your trolley next time you buy the groceries.
Follow the Holford theory, and watch your energy levels rise, reduce your periods of daily fatigue, and reduce the weight and size of your stored bodyfat.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Touch Marketing

If you need a top of the range website, look no further than Touch Marketing and Design, of Blackburn, Lancashire.
They produce a very good website for me, and somehow translate my non-artistic ideas and requirements into shapes, words and pictures onto PWRs website at
Daniel and David are committed to high quality output. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them if that's what you seek.
Keep up the fine work, lads.

Summer 2009

Congratulations on all my clients so far this summer. If you thought running in sleet and a wind chill factor of minus 5 centigrade was bad, just ask any one of my clients what it feels like to run in 28 celsius heat!
Most were wise to take on increased levels of drinking water, but nevertheless found the June sun a real challenge to exercise in. Well done eve
In recent weeks I have seen clients reach varying targets, not all of them fitness based! Russell blitzed the Manchester 10k without any trouble. Swapna returned to the bodyshape she wanted despite a very busy schedule of work and motherhood, and one lady became pregnant. Nothing to do with my training methods, but clearly she had plenty of energy after her training programme with PWR.
It is sometimes all to easy to curse the heat, but a moment of reflection on the long winter months between these brief months of lengthy days of fairly warm and fairly dry weather !!! should remind us to enjoy every minute of it.
A chance to get out and enjoy exercising in the daylight and in decent conditions. Its less of a chore when the sun's shining, and the more we can do,
the more the benefits will be to our health and fitness.
I'll be starting my kettlebell class at St. Augustine's Fitness and Sports Centre in Avenham, Preston, in September, in addition to some exclusive small group fitness masterclasses within the fitness room at certain times to be arranged.
I also stock a range of top of the range and top value exercise nutrition products which genuinely expedite the achievement of physical improvements. Just ask Chris Hall, who has lost nearly 20lb in weight since having a small number of workouts in the winter, and who uses a Meal Replacement shake to ensure correct nutrition through the day, to boost energy and prevent snacking on fat and sugar.
Keep your eyes on this blog for regular updates on what's happening in the fitness world, and within the world of PWR Personal Training.

Happy Holidays to everyone.