Friday 31 July 2009

Location Location Location

Where you train is completely up to you.
To that end, the essence of personal training lies in the convenience to our clients. I find that many of our clients get a great deal of value from the time and energy saved by having their trainer visit them at their home or at a location to suit, rather than the client wasting time from their busy schedules, and travel costs, by travelling to and from crowded fitness centres.

Effective exercise training is not constrained by location or equipment. Our trainers can create effective workouts as easily in a small living room as in a fully equipped gym. The fundamental part of genuine personal training is the unmatched convenience factor offered to the client.
Add in the certainty of results, and constant encouragement and teaching, and a personal training package is hard to match.

If you prefer to use a gym, or if you want to learn how to get the best out of a gym, PWR has a superb gym facility, based at the St.Augustine's Avenham Centre in Preston's city centre.
"START" is a very spacious, air conditioned, and fully equipped gym. Rates are very competitive and flexible memberships are available. The centre contains studios for classes, fully fitted changing rooms, and hosts the city's basketball team.
PWR's clients are welcome to sample the gym facilities for a free workout, and if you decide to take a membership, the costs can be absorbed into your personal training package.
I'm happy to boast that every single member of the gym who has hired a PWR personal trainer has seen significant success in their training. Among them, Chris, Zubair, Ann, Mark and Zak.
To conclude, personal training is all about convenience. If it suits you, you can take your workouts in our gym facilities, and join the others in their success.

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