Saturday 25 July 2009

Summer 2009

Congratulations on all my clients so far this summer. If you thought running in sleet and a wind chill factor of minus 5 centigrade was bad, just ask any one of my clients what it feels like to run in 28 celsius heat!
Most were wise to take on increased levels of drinking water, but nevertheless found the June sun a real challenge to exercise in. Well done eve
In recent weeks I have seen clients reach varying targets, not all of them fitness based! Russell blitzed the Manchester 10k without any trouble. Swapna returned to the bodyshape she wanted despite a very busy schedule of work and motherhood, and one lady became pregnant. Nothing to do with my training methods, but clearly she had plenty of energy after her training programme with PWR.
It is sometimes all to easy to curse the heat, but a moment of reflection on the long winter months between these brief months of lengthy days of fairly warm and fairly dry weather !!! should remind us to enjoy every minute of it.
A chance to get out and enjoy exercising in the daylight and in decent conditions. Its less of a chore when the sun's shining, and the more we can do,
the more the benefits will be to our health and fitness.
I'll be starting my kettlebell class at St. Augustine's Fitness and Sports Centre in Avenham, Preston, in September, in addition to some exclusive small group fitness masterclasses within the fitness room at certain times to be arranged.
I also stock a range of top of the range and top value exercise nutrition products which genuinely expedite the achievement of physical improvements. Just ask Chris Hall, who has lost nearly 20lb in weight since having a small number of workouts in the winter, and who uses a Meal Replacement shake to ensure correct nutrition through the day, to boost energy and prevent snacking on fat and sugar.
Keep your eyes on this blog for regular updates on what's happening in the fitness world, and within the world of PWR Personal Training.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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