Monday 30 November 2009

Latest Client news : 10lb weight loss and 4 inches off waist, in 35 days

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Continued congratulations go to JM from Penwortham, Lancashire

In late October 2009, Miss JM, a very busy 25 year old training solicitor, had an operation on bones in both her feet, which left her lame for several weeks. She used to keep fit and play sport regularly, and wanted to return to those activities as quickly as possible as well as trim down.She also has a very busy work and social schedule, and had a largely random diet.

5 weeks into a fitness and health programme with PWR Personal Training, JM has made some serious progress.
  • from being unable to walk, to jogging non-stop for 40 minutes
  • Waistline REDUCED by 9cm or 3 1/2 inches
  • Hips reduced by 5cm or 1 1/2 inches
  • Weight loss of 10lb or 4.5kg
That's the equivalent weight loss of this much lard, give or take half a pack.

JM's positive results have been down to disciplined implementation of sound dietary advice, a never say die approach to workouts, and taking charge during social activities to control intake of food and drink without missing out on events.
Well done JM. Keep it up.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Gym fees commitment or boot camp 30 day blast

Susan, from London asks:

Gym membership or one month boot camp?

I can have a gym membership for £34 a month (for one year) through work, or alternatively I can join a local park boot camp, for £38 but I can drop out at any time. What do you think?!

Thank you for your question Susan. Check out my response by clicking the vid below.

good luck Susan.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

How tough is effective exercise?


There is still plenty of time to get in some killer workouts before you tuck into the festive treats. Keep yourself in good shape as deep into December as possible and you won't find it as tough getting started again in the new year.
Also, the outside temperature at this time of year provides perfect conditions for jogging. There is lots of fresh air which feels great to breath in, and a fresh breeze is effective in cooling you down as you run. Be sure to get some reflective clothing, however, as its dark out there.

Additional. This Youtube website shows you how hard you should be working, and how tired you should feel if you want real results.

Its well worth a look. Are you workouts as tough as this?

Monday 2 November 2009

Late October Female Fitness Success

I'd like to highlight the latest achievements of 3 of our lady clients:

6 pounds and 4 inches lost in 7 days!
1. Well done to Miss JM who has lost 6 lb in her first week, plus inches off her waist, and bum. An achievement based on a controlled diet and increased core and arm strength exercises, plus an hour's swim, all in her own time. An extra special mention for JM because she currently has injuries to both feet and can hardly walk!

Weight and inches lost
2. Also to JW who has lost 4lb in 28 days (towards her target loss of 10lb) plus inches off waist and bum. Through steady eating and increased workout intensity at group cycling and strength training in her own time, JW has reported more energy and an absence of previously common headaches.

Dress size dropped
3. Also to Mrs. MD for improving her running performance by huge margins in recent weeks. MD has progressed from a best of 20 minutes jogging, up to 40 minutes non-stop. She has also reported that her dress size has dropped to the next one down. MD has a full time job, a husband and two children, and a farm.

Well done Ladies.

Learn to eat what's best for you; then eat it

Nowhere is thinking and doing so polarised as in the eating business. When it comes to food, we all find it hard to match what we know we should eat with what we actually put in our mouths and chew. While I am not an advocate of "fat clubs" in their many guises, I do recognise the key principles they adopt in pursuit of the goals of their members. That's fat reduction.
You do not see many prime athletes at fat clubs. However, prime athletes are very much in the same boat when it comes to their main aim. Bodyfat levels are key to performance at optimum, world record standard, as they are for the laymen. Whatever the motive behind the goal, losing bodyfat is universally desired by the range of people involved.
The key is discipline and a willingness to change.
Change is the hardest thing to do, because it usually meets with all sorts of resistance from the lifestyle you are moving away from. Lifestyle is bound by hidden and subconscious conditions to which we are attached. Social, moral, religious, traditional, learned behaviour that we can't easily stop.
Other behaviour may relate to obligations such as family, work, social, or other activities involving other people. These engagements can start to trap us. No matter how much we want to be slimmer, our behaviour is not ruled and governed by the needs of our waistlines.
Unfortunately, if you want the results badly enough, you must push the priority of the waistline ahead of all others. That includes work, family and society. The first and last person in your life is yourself, and you get one body, yours. So unless someone else is going to run your 40 minute cardio session tomorrow morning, then someone else can drink that large vodka and coke themselves.
Unless she wants to come shopping with you and pay for the next size up, then they can eat the cheese and onion pasty herself this lunchtime. The good thing fat clubs do is change behaviour in favour of the fat burning system of the human body. It changes people, through education, group motivation and other methods.
In that sense, while the means are questionable, the end result is a change of mind in the person. And, until that person changes their mind, through education, adopting and activating appropriate eating, nothing will happen. Ask anyone, from obese to athlete, about losing bodyfat, and they will tell you that it isn't easy. It requires a break from "normal" behaviour. Unfortunately, as the heart disease statistics prove, "normal" behaviour in the western world is hugely unhealthy for a growing population.

Choose your own path, put your trainers on, and walk it. Anyone who questions it is not, ultimately, FOR you.