Monday 2 November 2009

Late October Female Fitness Success

I'd like to highlight the latest achievements of 3 of our lady clients:

6 pounds and 4 inches lost in 7 days!
1. Well done to Miss JM who has lost 6 lb in her first week, plus inches off her waist, and bum. An achievement based on a controlled diet and increased core and arm strength exercises, plus an hour's swim, all in her own time. An extra special mention for JM because she currently has injuries to both feet and can hardly walk!

Weight and inches lost
2. Also to JW who has lost 4lb in 28 days (towards her target loss of 10lb) plus inches off waist and bum. Through steady eating and increased workout intensity at group cycling and strength training in her own time, JW has reported more energy and an absence of previously common headaches.

Dress size dropped
3. Also to Mrs. MD for improving her running performance by huge margins in recent weeks. MD has progressed from a best of 20 minutes jogging, up to 40 minutes non-stop. She has also reported that her dress size has dropped to the next one down. MD has a full time job, a husband and two children, and a farm.

Well done Ladies.

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