Tuesday 21 January 2014

Check your vitamins and the good things in liver

In case your understanding of vitamins is a little mashed up, the enclosed document provides a decent one stop introduction to what our bodies need to optimise our health.
In short, Vitamins have been identified as the nutrients our bodies use for all the vital functions of our bodies. These include energy production, repair of cells, immune health, optimum function of muscles, eyes and organs. With decent dietary intake, all these functions improve. In their absence, our bodies become susceptible to ailments, weakness and fatigue.
It is chart showing what each vitamin does and how we can get it into our diets. For example, Vitamin A - vital for eye health and repair of body tissues - is found in highest quantities in Cod Liver Oil.
Vitamin D - the sunshine one - can be found in fatty fish and eggs, as well as liver oils, and is important for bones and teeth because it aids the use of calcium.

An interesting exercise to get your mind right onto ideal diet, would be to write a diet diary for a week, and then cross check it with the chart to see what vitamins you are getting enough of, and which you are short of. Compare any signs and symptoms you feel you may be seeing or feeling, with the role of absent vitamins. Then adjust your diet to include more of what you're missing.

Source: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4866786/VITAL-VITAMIN-CHART-Nutrient-Food-Sources-Vitamin-A-Cod