Wednesday 9 September 2015

Assistance for Irritable bowel

If you, like me, find the general advice offered by NHS websites to be largely vague, generic, unhelpful, ineffective or all of these, you can find more in depth and expert advice on this subject from Holford range of books. Specifically, this article is a good place to start.

  If you have symptoms like unexpected fatigue, lack of satisfaction from eating meals, feeling hungry after eating, craving sugars and fast foods, stomach discomfort relieved after the loo. I would also include weight gain as a commonly experienced issue.

 Ultimately, as Holford suggests, the gut is the second brain and often the gut exerts control over the brain. Such that any discomfort from the gut and the brain is taken over. This means that daily tasks become difficult to focus on, because the gut is demanding all of the brain's attention!

  When you read what he has to say, Holford reveals where we are aggravating our gut, and, most importantly, he offers a solution!

  For more energy, less pain, more satisfaction from food, and more of your brain available for the important tasks of the day, sort out your gut first.

  Start with a large glass of water, perhaps while you read the link above (here it is again)

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Assistance for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue

May I add a couple of links in case it helps anyone? I am not a sufferer but a friend of mine was for several years. I stuck by him through his dark times (several years). He barked at me numerous times, as I tried to offer help. He didn't believe that anything would help. He was so downbeat and weakened that simply having a moment's optimism would be exhausting. I would offer advice from my own research, to which he would immediately scoff at. But he came through it and now he is well.
The small steps. The small percentages. Subtle adjustments are often the most effective. Doctors are told what to think such that they are not able to help. That does not mean its the end.
Chemical imbalances, hormones etc are involved, but the power of mind, emotions, beliefs and how we think, are also involved - good or bad. Guilt. Broken heart. Pressure. And the way we deal with those factors.
My friend knows how he got down to the bottom. Pride, holding onto stress, denial of problems that were piling up. Something popped, eventually.
When he finally let go of the stuff he was clinging onto, or, put another way, all the stuff he was piling on top of himself, he could finally let himself fall or, put another way, dump the huge weight and just leave it where it falls.
Either way, it seemed to help. My friend found an escape. He found a way to clear his clutter and start looking forward. Eventually, the clouds cleared. He hasn't looked back.

One article on low cortisol worth a look if you need back up for your real condition.

Then loads of links here to thyroid based literature.

You are not alone. The condition is being understood(slowly!)

Sunday 12 July 2015

Ashes 2015 1st Test, Cardiff

The tale of these 4 innings will report a convincing win for the hosts against all the odds handed to them at the start of play.
England won by 169 runs - (full scorecard here)

Australia bring with them a swaggering confidence and a bravado that is unique within the sport, contrasting with the approach of the rest of cricket, which is a cautious modesty and respect for cricket as master of fate.
England has been utterly dominated in the 06/7 and 13/14 tours of Australia, losing all 10 test matches played. England managed to buck this trend between '09 and '13, by losing only 2 out of 15 tests during that time.
Australia do not take, or forget, defeat very well. They go down with a swagger, and return with that same swagger, belligerence and optimism.

The clamour, in the cricket media both home and down under, to pick the remaining flesh from the Australian carcass, is, in my opinion, a little hasty. The result is the result and over two innings any fortune either way tends to balance out. Some pundits may point out that the luck only evens itself out over an entire series.
Australia had a chance to take the scoreless wicket of England's most prolific batsman, Joe Root, in the first innings, and squandered it. Whether this counts as bad luck or simply a lack of skill, remains in the hands of the viewer. The viewer would then search for reasons for that bad luck. Perhaps the Aussies started the test with complacency. This is quickly quoshed when you note that, at the moment that chance went begging, Australia had already obliterated England's opening line up, to 43 for 3.

Australia may well have earned the right to be complacent in preparation for this latest Ashes series. After all, England failed to put up resistance during the most recent 0-5 reverse on Australian soil.
And with a resurgent England side that contains both talent and solidarity, the England victory at Cardiff will probably go down as the result of nonchalant Australia taking their recuperated hosts too lightly.
England has shuffled the pack and given chances to several players in recent months. There have been huge question marks over all of the top 4 batsmen, and rightly so, justified by their performances on the first innings scoreboard. Captain Cook's runs will be essential to a winning series for England. And in recent tests with New Zealand, Ballance and Bell have struggled to make a big impact.
Perhaps reassuringly for England is the confidence of the new blood with bat. The middle order of Stokes, Buttler and Moeen offer insurance for the fragile openers, as back up for the blossoming Joe Root.
If England's top 4 can start firing, then this would be disastrous for Australia.
England would be wise to focus on their own game in the short time ahead, and simply hope that Australian squad cannot recover from the inevitable meltdown that will follow this defeat. What can be certain, is that Australian cricketers do not enjoy losing, and they will move heaven and earth to put this first defeat right.
But, determined as they are, Australia will be unlikely to prosper unless they adapt to these lush, slow English wickets which offer less bounce than their pitches down under. Progress is not, therefore, a question of attitude, but one of technical skill. This England is not lacking in its own sense of bravado, and is technically ahead in respect of preparing for the conditions of play.
England should expect an Australian backlash from this victory in the second test, at Lords. But with the Australian squad morale teetering on the edge, and with their home media questioning the ability of half the side, a certain pressure will mount upon their shoulders in the build up. Not that they aren't used to high expectations. Its normal for Australian cricketers.
Huge stakes fall on the imminent second test. Heroes needed, once again.

Thursday, July 16-20, 2015 -  at Lord's, London
England v Australia

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Weight loss with PWR PT

Well done to Neil C. from Hoghton for some amazing results in his first fortnight of training with PWR's Paul Richardson. Tidying up his diet and commencing some circuits and cardio training has produced a loss of 8 pounds body weight in only 15 days.
Well done Neil.

Neil started with PWR's Body Restart package, which includes an initial consultation and then 4 one hour, one to one, expertly coached workouts for just £120. Still available now at our website.

Preston North End of the English Second Division

Congratulations to the players and coaches at Preston North End for gaining promotion to the second tier of English football.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

"..the results I achieved were greater than I anticipated..."

I was very happy with the results you helped me achieve which were greater than I anticipated at the start of our sessions. I was pleased that you agreed to take me on as a client, even though I was hopping around with the help of a crutch when we first met. I found your methods and instructions to be clear and straightforward, helped by the additional theoretical explanations you gave with them. This also made most of the exercises easier to complete when on my own. I will certainly continue with the diet changes and workouts for the immediate future and longer, but if I cannot make the time or struggle with the motivation I may give you a call! Thanks again for your help to date and if anyone I know in the local area is looking for a similar service I will certainly be recommending you to them.

Martin shed 13 pounds of body fat in 48 days in early 2015 through Paul Richardson's Platinum Health and Lifestyle package, including regular one to one workouts, self driven workouts plus a bespoke diet plan

Monday 27 April 2015

New PT Deal April/May '15

New for April/May 2015. Monthly PT payment plans & Out now! £120 PT deal. 

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Body fat loss super tips & risks of low-calorie eating

Body fat Loss Planning
Firstly, let's work on the assumption that the total amount of fat the body can burn off each day is restricted by a number of factors, including
1. The body's preferred source of energy - mainly glycogen and sugar!
2. The daily intake of calories. Food eaten
3. The body's daily usage of calories. Work done
"So don't eat and lose the weight, right?" WRONG!
In the absence of dietary carbohydrates and energy from other sources, the body does NOT simply go straight for the fat stores. A body that is used to eating regular carbs will be very good at using up all the body's available glycogen first, before going for the body fat! Hence low calorie diets have spectacular fast results for "slimmers". This is because glycogen is "water heavy" and as the body uses up the glycogen stored in the muscles and the liver, this "water weight" drops off. This is often referred to as "its mostly water you are losing". Well, they're nearly right. In reality, it is not only water, but muscle energy, muscle mass, and also a disastrous slowing down of the body's metabolic rate. Also, for good measure, when food is absent, the body takes about 24-48 hours to activate this slowing metabolism, a "fat storage" function that will gladly accept the next big meal straight onto the ribs and belly. It is not as easy to then get the metabolism back up, as the body will have lost some muscle along the way, the very machines/engines that boost the metabolism.
I've included some maths below which get a bit complicated, but conclude that with no physical exercise, but not eating more than 1800 to 2000 calories per day in healthy food and limited added fat and processed carbs/sugars, it is possible to burn off 1 pound of fat per week. 
If you do an hour's hi tempo cardio exercise, that's another 500 kcal burned off per day. So, its logical to assume you will burn more fat per day as a result. Well, it may well lose some weight, but again, if there is insufficient food coming in, the body will once again drain the glycogen. And, if you are trying to improve your physical fitness and performance, you need to feed the muscles after a workout, in order to promote maximum adaptation, repair and recovery. This is the confusing part for most people and leads to the question;
How much do I need to eat to keep my fitness improving, and also lose weight?
The answer is, eat the foods that make the digestive system work hard for the nutrients the body needs. This does not mean, actually eating less. In fact, eating the right foods in the right quantities can actually take some doing.
Certain foods will not be (easily) stored as fat. If you include a lean white protein, or egg, in each "meal" and boost the plate with hot or cold vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and fruit, you should be full and have plenty of energy. Note that energy does not come from high carbs intake, but rather the amino acids and minerals found in proteins and the plants mentioned.
So, for example. What percentage of a meal is stored as fat, and why?
Foods that are whole in their form - fresh off the tree or plant - that need to be well chewed before swallowing - will digest slower, and release their energy slower - and at the rate the body is built to receive it. This natural delay prevents a rise in the hormone insulin which promotes fat storage. As long as the insulin gland, the pancreas, remains under-stimulated, this places an immediate limit on fat storage. Once this is achieved, the body then receives a steady and satisfying flow of energy from food, so it is not starved of energy, but it will be stimulated into burning a range of nutrients for energy, not just glycogen. 
In the absence of huge doses of carbs then (white starchy foods), the body will become more proficient at seizing the proteins and fats (in both food and in the body's stores) as energy which means, in turn, that the rate of fat usage - burning - per day, should increase.
So, in conclusion:
1. Burn off as many calories as physically possible each day
2. Try to progress your ability and fitness and performance as time passes: Faster. For longer. More often, Or all 3.
3. Stop all processed carbohydrate intake. Its unnatural, and unnecessary, even for a tough workout. Go for meat and veg, Meat and fruit, seeds and nuts.
3a. Eat smallish meals regularly through the day but never eat to feeling stuffed and "tired".
4. Eat lean white meat, fish and eggs in most meals and snacks.
5. Add vegetables, seeds, nuts, berries and fruit to each meal and snack
With these factors in place most of the time, you can expect to burn off between 2 and 4lbs a week, perform good workouts and feel satisfied when you eat. If this plan sounds excessively tough to complete, try doing it for a fortnight, then go back to relative normality for a few weeks, before attempting it again. The overall effect over a year should be significant progress.
I reckon you could lose 6lb in a 12-14 day period. More depending on the number and intensity of cardio sessions.
Any questions welcome.
The Maths
Approximate calories used by your body per day - 2000 kcal.
Assumed percentage of that energy from:
Glycogen/sugars - 80%
Fats - 20%
Therefore Daily calories from:
Glycogen/sugars - 1600 kcal
Fats - 400 kcal
Calories in 1lb of fat = 3000 kcal
Days required to burn 1lb body fat - 3000/400 = 7 days


Paul Richardson
PWR Personal Training
07855 121232

Monday 13 April 2015


cited from

What is Oxytocin?
Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role inpair bonding. Prairie voles, one of nature's most monogamous species, produce oxytocin in spades. This hormone is also greatly stimulated during sex, birth, breast feeding—the list goes on.

Cortisol - stress hormone

If you're stressed you probably have high levels of cortisol. Here are some reasons why you might need to change your lifestyle to give your body a helping hand to deal with this stress hormone.

Negative effects of Cortisol

cited from

Cortisol is a hormone that is absolutely crucial for life. Without it we would not be able to survive. However, when we live in chronic strain, worry, and stress, the adrenal glands produce relatively high amounts of cortisol. The problem with cortisol is that our bodies are not meant to be exposed to these relatively high amounts for long periods of time. However, many people who have stress as an obstacle to cure are experiencing the negative effects of cortisol.
  1. High cortisol decreases immunity. Cortisol is a corticosteroid and like prednisone, cortisone, and beclomethasone, it inhibits the actions of white blood cells. Initially, this usually leads to increased susceptibility to infections. Eventually, this may actually lead to long stretches of time without colds because the immune system is so weakened.
  2. High cortisol increases abdominal fat deposition. For reasons still unknown, high levels of cortisol induce the body to lay down adipose tissue in the abdomen and upper back/neck. In fact, for those people affected it is next to impossible to lose abdominal fat without addressing stress.
  3. High cortisol breaks down muscle, bone, and connective tissue. Cortisol is a gluconeogenic hormone. Gluconeogenesis is a process that creates sugar from existing tissue. Cortisol promotes the breakdown of muscle, bone, and connective tissue in order to increase blood sugar for the brain.
  4. High cortisol inhibits thyroid hormone activation. The thyroid gland makes 2 major hormones; thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyroine (T3). It predominantly makes T4, which is actually an in-active hormone. T4 is carried in the bloodstream and eventually hits a receptor on or in a cell and becomes activate to T3. High cortisol inhibits this conversion and thus creates a form of hypothyroid.

"...our own biology—which was designed to insure our survival as hunters and gatherers—is sabotaging our bodies and minds in a sedentary digital age. What can we do to defuse this time-bomb?"
cited in the article here:

Thursday 2 April 2015

Trigger foods to curb cravings

Question from a male, 50 year old client, yesterday.
"How do I get rid of this fat around my ribs and under my armpits?"
David is a 50 year old man who is in great shape, works out 4 or 5 times a week, has strong legs and arms and good body fat levels. However, he has his target trouble spots like everyone else. Aside from the usual battle with the belly and belt line, David has found this area to the side of his chest to be a difficult spot to trim down. Most people will have a body part they are frustrated with. These are the gifts passed on to us from our ancestors, built into their DNA - "You will have fatty deposits around here, there, and down there."
My answer takes two simple topics into consideration. 1. Diet; and 2. Diet.

1. Diet - sacrifice
Those who show off their bodies in competition are the people who are best at controlling their diets. It would be wise to follow their example. Most of them will declare that they have to make sacrifices in order to force their bodies to shed more and more body fat, often more than their natural design allows. As such, their bodies contain less fat than their natural shape dictates. In other words, their bodies are looking to store fat where their bodies blueprint dictates it to go.
For the layman who thinks he is doing all the right things in the gym and in the kitchen, he or she must realise that an extra special effort is required if those final few pounds of fat are to melt away.
Ultimately, diet is the key and discipline is the door.

2. Diet - part 2 - Food as fun or food as fun-ction?
It is all well and good other people trying to convince us that fresh and healthy food is better tasting than processed slop but our taste buds are built to seek out salt, sugar, flavour and fat! Before we can make a decision we have eaten a round of toast, a plate of chips or a quick sandwich or two. Convenience food is just that, and it is marketed and placed perfectly for those weak moments.
Fine, eat processed food then. Give up trying. One cake can't hurt. Go on, just have one more....

Get organised and plan ahead. Write down a shopping list in your lunch break, and fill it with fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables, lean white meats and fish.

More to follow....

Your PT readiness test

Monday 23 February 2015

Wednesday Kettlebell Class starts March

Every Wednesday's 6-7pm Kettlebells Full On
at Vernons Sports Club, Penwortham
Your first trial class is free
Fees from £4 per class

Visit us here for fees and booking

Kettlebell FULL ON starts on Wednesday 4th March

Rico's Kettlebell Workout Classes currently take place on a Monday evening at 6-7pm at Vernon Carus Cricket Clubhouse in Penwortham, near Preston.
Now in its 7th year, this class - Kettlebell SOLID, is a low impact workout - but don't be fooled! Its a highly technical and strengthening workout involving concentrated movements throughout with a kettlebell in hand.

An additional NEW class is due to start on Wednesday 4th March, and there are a few places still available. The new class Kettlebell FULL ON, is a mash up of kettlebell movements with cardio' to really ramp up the calorie attack.
Both classes are ongoing, and both workouts are professionally coached to ensure maximum safety and impact for your body.

We are offering you a huge discount when you book onto both classes

If you are new to these classes, your first one is free so give Rico a call and book your first attempt! The number is on the poster below. Check it for scheduling and prices or you can visit the WEBSITE

Thursday 12 February 2015

Some feedback from a current client

Ann sitting on a camel
Ann called me in the summer of 2014 and we started with a (complimentary for all new clients) relaxed chat and coffee to discuss her needs. Ann explained her current issues before laying down her dreams for the months ahead, culminating in a trip down under in the early 2015.
"When I got back in contact with Paul I was feeling very low and I didn't like myself at all. I had just secured work after 2 and a half years off. I managed to make a big decision about myself and decided to contact my former personal trainer, Paul. Since I started my programme I have learned so much about myself, my habits, my diet and my routines. With Paul's guidance and support I have now come to understand the connections between food and emotions. With Paul's gentle coaching pushing me along, I have been able to get back my self esteem. I have lost weight, toned up and I understand how good food has changed my life. For the first time in 2 and a half years I love myself again, which makes for rewarding relationships in all areas of my life. 
Thank you Paul"
Book your complimentary chat with Paul if you want to change your health and lifestyle 
Click for immediate contact details

Thursday 29 January 2015

Free diet advice from PWR PT

I hope that, primarily, this framework stretches enough for you to use your imagination to create meals you can enjoy.
A few key pointers to optimum diet
1. Portion size - Aim to feel satisfied but never stuffed
2. Drink Water - about 6 pints a day (easily done - 1 pint first thing; 1 pint end of the day; and 4 pints in between).
3. Smart snacks - these will maintain a slow burn of energy to body and brain through the day, and prevent huge feelings of hunger at lunch and tea time. A smart snack combines protein (meat, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey) with fruits and nuts. No chocolate. No toast. No brews.

4. Kill Cravings - I estimate that for about 3 or 4 days without bread or potato products, you will crave them when hungry. This brain pathway is compelling and easy to submit to.
To combat this it is best to write down (and prepare) 10 healthy foods that you can "GO TO" when you feel a twang or a pang for something sweet or savoury. For instance, a quick listof 5 might include: Carrot sticks in Balsamic vinegar: An apple 2 dried apricots and 6 almonds; A cup of herbal tea; a Cup-a-Soup! As long as you have these available to you when hunger cravings hit, you can swerve the carbohydrate snack which has absolutely no goodness in it and causes further cravings and hunger later on. After about 5 days without flour or potatoes, the cravings will start to decline. I've tried it, last week and I gave up potatoes for a week. I only lapsed once, on day 6, and had a small bag of Walkers crisps. Otherwise nothing. Now, I rarely crave crisps etc, and I have trigger foods that I turn to when it happens.
5. Caffeine - Only have a caffeinated drink as often per week as you eat green beans or cabbage - No more often than that. Ridding caffeine from the blood will mean deeper and more effective sleep which in time, leads to less fatigue, stronger immunity and more energy.

This diet plan is not a "low calorie" diet, but optimum eating. You needn't feel hungry, and should feel empowered by your confidence in food, and the choices you start to make.
My final advice is that a good diet is beset with barriers and temptations along the way. Its easy to get cornered when out and about an interacting with others. Optimum eating "MOST OF THE TIME" involves controlling the meals you cook and prepare for yourself, MOST OF THE TIME and never worrying about the occasional lapse. Enjoy the lapse, but do not let it bother you enough to stop doing the right thing the rest of the time.

Friday 16 January 2015

Group Personal Training - get your act together

Why not give a group personal training session a go, with this winter offer from PWR Personal Training.
A free one hour trial workout with Paul from PWR Personal Training of Preston, Lancashire.
We can talk all we want, but action is the only way to make improvements.
That's why we're offering this free trial workout for you and up to 3 friends. The location can be arranged to suit you. This offer runs out soon, but there's plenty of time for you to call and book your free taster workout.

The first step for you? To redeem your free group workout, call or email now and tell us your dream goal.
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Friday 9 January 2015

2014 success: 2015 hopes

A brief look back at some successes from 2014.
Duncan and Caroline each completed their first (London) marathon
Sue completed her first 10 kilometre run event
Tony shed nearly 40lb in bodyweight
Jonathan returned to playing football after ankle reconstruction
Carol lost a stone in body weight
Laura shed 30lb of body weight and dropped 2 dress sizes
Helen shed 30lb of body weight and dropped 6 dress sizes
Rachel and Brian walked up to Base Camp of Mount Everest!
Warren and Karen achieved personal bests at the 10km run event