Thursday 2 April 2015

Trigger foods to curb cravings

Question from a male, 50 year old client, yesterday.
"How do I get rid of this fat around my ribs and under my armpits?"
David is a 50 year old man who is in great shape, works out 4 or 5 times a week, has strong legs and arms and good body fat levels. However, he has his target trouble spots like everyone else. Aside from the usual battle with the belly and belt line, David has found this area to the side of his chest to be a difficult spot to trim down. Most people will have a body part they are frustrated with. These are the gifts passed on to us from our ancestors, built into their DNA - "You will have fatty deposits around here, there, and down there."
My answer takes two simple topics into consideration. 1. Diet; and 2. Diet.

1. Diet - sacrifice
Those who show off their bodies in competition are the people who are best at controlling their diets. It would be wise to follow their example. Most of them will declare that they have to make sacrifices in order to force their bodies to shed more and more body fat, often more than their natural design allows. As such, their bodies contain less fat than their natural shape dictates. In other words, their bodies are looking to store fat where their bodies blueprint dictates it to go.
For the layman who thinks he is doing all the right things in the gym and in the kitchen, he or she must realise that an extra special effort is required if those final few pounds of fat are to melt away.
Ultimately, diet is the key and discipline is the door.

2. Diet - part 2 - Food as fun or food as fun-ction?
It is all well and good other people trying to convince us that fresh and healthy food is better tasting than processed slop but our taste buds are built to seek out salt, sugar, flavour and fat! Before we can make a decision we have eaten a round of toast, a plate of chips or a quick sandwich or two. Convenience food is just that, and it is marketed and placed perfectly for those weak moments.
Fine, eat processed food then. Give up trying. One cake can't hurt. Go on, just have one more....

Get organised and plan ahead. Write down a shopping list in your lunch break, and fill it with fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables, lean white meats and fish.

More to follow....

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