Tuesday 20 May 2014

PWR Clients continue to achieve their goals...

Just to illustrate the success you can achieve if you set your heart and mind to it. With the right vision, guidance and a slice of dedication, your goal is within your reach...Busy mum of 3 and business woman (50+ year old) Sue set out her goal, in December '13 - to run a 10km in May '14. She had concerns about tight hips and back pain from the start, not to mention being a novice runner. We worked through a gradual programme of jogging, working steadily and carefully, increasing both distance and duration through the weeks, with flexibility and core work built in, and a focus on proper timing and content of food intake.

Sue completed the Manchester 10km on Sunday 18th May, in 65 minutes

Rachel Green is a regular at our Monday night Kettlebell Workout Class. Rachel is training in preparation for a 3 week trip to the Himalaya mountains in late 2014.
Photo: Run, Rachel, Run!!
Rachel completed the Manchester 10k this weekend, with a time of 67 minutes.

Well done ladies. More at the PWR Personal Training facebook page