Monday 31 January 2011

Water to live

Drinking water is one of the most important single aspects of a healthy diet. Water is the pivot around which all nutrition rotates. Without adequate water we operate at levels that are far from optimum.
Whether your goal is optimum health, weight loss or just boosting energy, it is crucial to address your consumption of water.
If you have too much, the body will get rid of the excess entirely. Too little, and many things stop happening, and the body is left running on 50% or less.
In the middle of a cold winter in England, with water everywhere, we still find it difficult to ensure sufficient water consumption.
So next time you have a headache, before you reach for the tablets, drink a glass of water. Next time you wake in the morning, start with a glass of water. Next time you feel a bit peckish, drink a glass of water.
Start with water.
More simple and easy tips coming soon to the PWR blog.

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