Monday 17 January 2011

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Great deals from PWR Personal Training
Our best ever offer for expert One to One lifestyle and fitness management
Now just £250
Firstly, some success stories...
    • Janet lost 9 lbs between October and December 09. See here
    • Karen lost 29lbs (YES, 29lbs or 13kg) between November 09 and February 10. See here
    • Jane lost 12lbs between Oct and Dec 09. See here
These are real women, all with full time jobs and busy social lives.

After 30 days of personal training you too can achieve:
    • 8lb weight reduction
    • Improved stamina
    • Fitter body
    • Firmer hips and thighs
    • Better posture, stronger back
    • Improved energy levels
With effort and dedication from you, and the guidance and support of a professional personal trainer, you can make a huge difference to your current and future health and body shape.
    • Your expert trainer will work out the ideal exercise and diet plan to suit you and just you.
    • You will notice improvements during every workout.
    • You will feel switched on to taking complete care of your health.
    • You will gain the knowledge and resolve to do it by yourself
    • Every minute of your workout will make a difference.
Here's our best ever offer.
30 days of intensive personal training (10 sessions max)
Normally £395.
Now just £250
For a limited time and limited number of packages only
Once they're gone, they're gone.
To book your consultation click here and complete a simple contact form.
Or call 07855 121232 email

Terms & Conditions
    • 30 days fixed time contract
    • Includes maximum of 10 one to one coached workouts
    • Includes consultation and health screening
    • Includes weight management and diet plan
    • Couples or pairs package available - priced at £300
    • Results suggested are subject to individual variables
    • Results only through dedication
    • Petrol supplement may apply

Paul Richardson
PWR Personal Training

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