Thursday 16 May 2019

Tennis & Fitness Class in Hoghton 2019

Hoghton Tennis Club and PWR Fitness present TurboTennis.

Tennis improvement and fitness class
TurboTennis an up-tempo group practise session designed to allow you to visibly see and feel your improvements.
Hitting techniques & movement drills
This class involves lots of shots, movements and fitness drills that will give you a good workout and give you all the skills the play better tennis.
This class is perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to keep improving their game.
Fit for tennis
Tennis is a physically demanding sport. It requires movements that do not always come naturally to the new player. In addition to learning techniques for all the shots, TurboTennis focuses on the movements and disciplines required to make you a tougher opponent!

TurboTennis fee is just £16 for a course of 4 consecutive classes.
You will require an annual Hoghton tennis club membership (only £25). This membership includes one free trial class.
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