Tuesday 9 September 2008

Lunch and Learn

PWR Personal Training offers convenient, expert presentations, during your lunchtimes while you eat your lunch, on the realities of health, exercise, diet and weight control.

Most people have a good idea that their diet and lifestyle is not ideal. The media gives out so much information about how unhealthy we are, yet when it comes to lunchtime, hunger takes over, and we head for the butty bar. We then read about how unhealthy our diets are!
The result is a gut feeling that we need to to something about it, but something we'll deal with tomorrow, or next month.
Its difficult to get motivated. We're tired, hungry, bored or excited, and food sits right in the middle of all these emotions. Food is central to socialising, celebrating, intimacy, and it is part of all of our "culture".
Unfortunately, our culture is getting fatter than ever before. Our appetites have increased, and our physical output has decreased. Exercise is seen as something to do in one's spare time, not something associated with work. Work, to many, is more a trial of self control, patience and stress control. Physical work is prohibited due to health and safety. You have to be trained to learn how to pick up a box without slipping a disc!

In reality, our long hours of sedentary work are the reason why we are all gaining weight at a rate beyond our control. As far as I am concerned, this is a form of repetitive stress injury, and it is the responsibility of our employers to ensure that we are in optimum health and shape, in order for us to do as good a job as possible.

I talk about this and more in my presentations to groups and colleagues, through their lunch hours, and offer the real truth about healthy eating and regular exercise.
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