Thursday 10 January 2013

We see the potential in you

Paul's client, Sarah (Paris Marathon)
Here at PWR Personal Training, all our clients are interesting and unique people. Young and old, boy and girl. Each client a unique person with unique needs and back stories. But all of them have, at one point, taken the initiative. Each of them has taken it upon themselves to make a positive change, and asked us for our help.
It is unique people that make our job interesting and challenging. Finding solutions for individuals with unique personalities, values, fears, strengths, ambitions, insecurities and unique levels of self-confidence and self esteem.
That's why the first stage of your training programme with your trainer is, simply, but most importantly, a conversation! We don't start "the torture" until we've talked through it. Besides, any trainer who "kicks your ass" in the first workout (unless you've asked for it) is not doing you any good. At PWR we start with movements that are appropriate to you.
And, we don't try to find a solution until we understand enough about you. The start-up conversation is your - and our - chance to understand where you have come from, where you want to go, and how long you have to do it (usually by tomorrow morning, please!). By the end of it you and we will know if we are suitable for each other. After all, we're going to spend some time together.
It is our job to identify your fears, blocks and barriers - often emotional, sometimes physical, usually both!
Ste (with new biceps) and Paul
The thing that I see in a potential client is just that. The potential, future you. The moment I first speak to a client with a specific target or goal, I instantly see that goal being scored. Working back from that future success, I see the stages the person needs to go through, and work back through each stage.
Whether its getting rid of negative vibes and fear, or waking up floppy muscles, or rehydrating the body, the first step begins from the conversation. Its the start of a professional and a platonic relationship, so it has to be right from the start.
We offer a free mini consultation to anyone who enquires...You have nothing lose. Give us a call...

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