Monday 17 June 2013

Summer progress for Preston clients enjoying their activities

Here in central Lancashire, my PT clients are really cranking up the tempo as the English summer warms up (slightly!). Each person has their own unique targets and their own barriers to overcome. In the case of one gentleman, we're closely studying the way his prescribed medications are affecting his progress. We've already persuaded the doc' to reduce the dosage of medication, to reduce "side" effects, and we are starting to make inroads, having already lost 14lb weight.
One couple is closing in on their wedding date. With dresses and suits on order, and with the big day fast approaching, the countdown has begun. Aside from a penchant for good food and the occasional blow out, their regime is heading in the right direction through one-to-two coached circuits at home, and through their joining their local running club, culminating in them completing 2 half-marathons in the last 5 weeks.
A third client has recovered from a double whammy of lung illness and lower leg injury to restart his jogging programme. He has progressed to running a 10km run, 3 times a week, without any recurrence of injury. He is starting to see weight loss results, thanks to an intelligent eating plan designed to refill without overloading. He also feels like he's back to his best level of fitness.
Enjoying Exercise
The key to preserving long term commitment to exercise is enjoyment. While we all fancy losing a little bit of tummy fat (or, personally, the spare bit under my chin, among other areas), one's motivation is boosted when the workouts are enjoyed. As part of your experience on my personal training course, we will find a style of training that maximises efficacy and enjoyment for you, by maximising the enjoyment factor of workouts, and thus maintain high levels of motivation.
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