Monday 22 July 2013

Hire a trainer in August & change your body confidence

Despite the energy sapping heat - yes, heat - in sunny Lancashire, I have been extremely impressed with the achievements of my clients in recent months.
Everybody started with  doubt in their minds, and wondered if they could achieve their targets. Most had tried one or more other methods, and struggled to make inroads.
Client Duncan's shared a pic of his new abs!
We spend time talking, discussing, and getting to the root of each person's make up. We discuss, plan and lay out a structure of lifestyle, diet and exercise to suit each individual, pair or group. We try it out, and if it works we continue. If it doesn't, we adapt and try new ideas. Through gradual improvement and small progressive step ups in confidence and ability, we start to produce results that give each person an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement.
CONVENIENCE FOR YOU - saving you hassle and valuable time
All trainers come to your home and train you where most convenient. Waste no time and gain big results.
Small groups or pairs training shares the cost and boosts results, or classic One to One training for unmatched personal coaching, on your doorstep. All you need to do is put your trainers on!

  • Duncan has managed to shrink his bodyfat past a previously unattainable level. 
  • Caroline is curving her body in preparation for her wedding day in August. 
  • Dave has increased his stamina from staggering 2 miles to jogging 7 miles, in the space of a couple of months.
  • Andrew has shed 8lb in 24 days
  • Warren is increasing his upper body strength in between a hectic work schedule
  • Laura is toning up ready for her summer holidays and her sister Sarah has lost her target of 11lb post-childbirth fat.

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