Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Latest deals & updates from PWR Personal Training

Here at PWR Personal Training we are dedicated to guiding honest, hard working, professional people to achieve their optimum wellness.
Our latest deal won't last long, and is designed to help you put the foundations in place for a fitter and healthier body and lifestyle and we want to make your decision making process as easy as possible.

this deal has now closed
Also now available from PWR PT, to help you take that first step:
FREE mini-consultations and Free PT Taster workouts
  • In addition to our FREE, no obligation, 20-minute mini-consultation....
  • We now offer the option of a FREE taster - a 30 minute mini-workout
  • In addition, all fees paid by bank online transfer are reduced by 5%

To make an immediate booking tap to our Sign Up page.

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