Tuesday 16 December 2014

Success for Kate after a half hour's conversation!

An email from a young lady who I met for a chat last year, in December.
Hi Paul, Kate Fenton here. Name might ring a bell. I was the sad, lost, frighteningly obese girl you sat with in "snack'n'chat" cafe 12 months ago! God where's the year gone? I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for that day. I know finances didn't allow me to undertake your personal training programme but I just wanted to let you know the chat did just as important a job. It seemed to bring my head to a better place, the Tony Robbins suggestion quite possibly changed my life. So I just wanted to give you an update as well as thank you for being a huge part in the changes I've made. When you work in an industry that's designed to help people I always think it's nice to know you have succeeded in that and it is so appreciated; and also to see transformations in people. With Christmas approaching I've been a little guilty of letting myself slip but, luckily, I've become aware of this, before it gets out of hand, and it will be dealt with accordingly.You never know, now the confidence is ever so slightly returning, I may just rock up for a kettlebell beating! Anyway, thank you again, that day was probably just another consultation for you...but for me, it changed everything!
Congratulations on your successful year, Kate!

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