Tuesday 20 November 2018

Adverts Abs

Advertisement Abdominals... Commercial Break Cut....Messages Muscle!

No need to move from the couch. Leave the TV on. Keep watching and 

Get into great shape!

Statistically speaking the average person spends 2 hours watching TV per day. On average there are commercial breaks every 10 minutes, each lasting 2 minutes. That adds up to 24 minutes of meaningless television time that could be put to good use.

Perform one set of exercise, to maximum effort, every time there is an advert break, and you will accumulate, on average, 24 minutes of vigorous physical exercise every day. That amounts to 168 minutes of exercise per week, which is more than enough to establish toned muscles, the flat stomach and the slender thighs you have always desired.

Living Room Lunge-Fest!

The list of exercises you can do in your living room is exhaustive. Here are a just few favourites that target the body parts that people would most like to tone up and trim down.

You don't need any equipment or timing devices. As soon as the advertisements begin, jump into action and kick on until your preferred show restarts. Simply return to back to your pizza, your cuppa, your milky bar buttons, or your family sized Galaxy slab, confident in the knowledge that you are burning all those calories away and activating muscle toning recovery.

Gogglebox Gains!

Dip - for the triceps,shoulders & chest
Dip - perform as many as you can in the advert break 

Record your performance over the course of a week. The more sets the better the results:
For example:
Attempt                  1     2      3      4      5      6
Reps completed     23   26    31

Crunch - core & hips
Press Up - arms chest & core
Alternate leg lunge - thighs & bum
These are just a few to get you started. Perhaps stick to two or three exercises each day, and change them every day on a rotation basis. Its up to you! Here's to you getting into great shape. I look forward to seeing your videos of you in action, performing your Advert Abs.

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