Sunday, 1 September 2019

Setting my health goals

This is the first stage of getting yourself super fit and in optimum health.
During your initial chat with Paul from we will focus on these key questions:

Write down the answer to these questions.

What is your target?
What do you want to look like and feel like?
What do you want to achieve?
When do you want this to happen?

For example, I will list my goals. For each one, I will describe a date for completion, the importance of that goal, and my confidence that I will achieve it. I will also list my perceived barriers to achieving the targets. Once identified, I can then design the steps to hurdle those barriers or to work around them.

Some may be longer term goals, some may be ongoing but some are more urgent.
Imp: Importance (1 = not very: 10 = Essential)
Con: Confidence (1 = not very: 10 = Essential)
1. To lose the fat around my torso by the end of October 2019
Imp: 10 Con: 5: Barriers: Time: Injuries: Dedication: Food choices (too many crisps)

2. To sort my bad back out
Imp: 10 Con: 5 Barriers: Choosing the right exercises that don't damage the back. Posture.

3. To be able to run a comfortable 5km without knee pain
Imp: 10 Con: 10 Barriers: Knee injuries: Back: commitment and dedication: Calf injury

4. To tone/bulk up shoulders and arms
Imp: 10 Con: 10 Barriers: Dedication and lack of sticking power to a training plan.

Having written them down, I can now visualise the outcome. Having thought through the process, I can now start to form a plan to get to the goal. Once I have done this, and cleared the path to achieve the goals, I can now set off on the path, with a clear direction and intention. Setting a closing date gives me a finish line to aim for, at which point I will assess my progress, set new targets, set a new path, and restart a fresh.

Tell me your goals! Let's find your path.
Paul Richardson


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