Monday 7 February 2022

PWR Couch to 5k Week 4

 Week 4 Aims

✨ Increase distance to 3.5 miles and stick to the same route for the week

✨ Run for 5km non-stop


🤕 Sore, stiff, weak calves give up after 20 minutes

🍏 Currently running on an empty stomach - may try a bit of breakfast first

😤 Carrying 20lbs bodyfat isn't helping the legs. Eat better!

😤 Daily runs aren't allowing enough recovery time

3.5 miles (5.63km)

✨ Run #1 Monday: 40min 16s

✨ Run #2 Tuesday: 41min 16s

✨ Run #3 Thursday 40 mins 00s.

All 3 runs produced cramping and stiffness in the calf muscles after 10-15 minutes. More pain in the left calf than the right, but enough to force me to stop. This cramp eased and I ran again, but only after a few minutes of walking and a stop to stretch.

This calf tightness may need some treatment and investigation. I conclude that I have increased the distance too quickly, due to impatience. But, I have to admit and be content with the fact that I am yet to manage a 5k non stop run after 4 weeks. My stamina is progressing well. But the legs are certainly feeling it. I set an initial 12 week plan (on January 1st) I am well on target, but need to consider other available cardio options to keep the stamina progressing and to keep burning bodyfat, while relieving the calf muscles in between runs. Swimming and cycling will be brought into week 5.

Lostock Hall to Ribble bank

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