Tuesday 19 February 2013

Preston's Free Exercise Track

The Preston Guild Festival of 2012 left a prominent legacy to the people of Preston.

Preston's Guild Wheel Cycle Track 2013
Quote from Lancashire County Council website
The Guild Wheel is a 21 mile circular route that can be ridden or walked in any direction for as far as you want. You can join the route at any point on the way.
The route is mainly off-road and traffic free, providing a scenic and safe cycling and walking route for all the family to use. Use the map to help plan your route around the entire Guild Wheel or to create shorter cycling and walking routes to suit your location and ability.
Walkers, cyclists, dogs
I took a run along a portion of the Guild Wheel yesterday. A new section, for me, taking in the route from Asda, Fulwood, to Redscar business park, and back. At each turn round every corner, there are points of interest and new perspectives. Furthermore, the route smartly reduces the number of road crossings to a minimum of small lanes.
The route builders installed new bridges over streams, and they have widened the path throughout to comfortably accommodate cyclists travelling in both directions.
This summer will see huge numbers get out on their bikes, with their friends, kids, and dogs, and explore the city's outskirts from the unique vistas provided by the magnificent Preston Guild Wheel.
Preston can be proud of their Guild legacy. 

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