Wednesday 6 February 2013

Expert Sports Therapist in Preston

Sport and fitness occasionally hurts! Strains and sprains, aches and pains are par for the course when you exert yourself. Most of the time these can heal themselves with a bit of rest, stretching and recuperation time.
On the occasions when an injury persists for longer than you expect, or if it hurts more than you can stand, a a sports therapist is most likely the right person to see.
A sports therapist is dedicated to returning you to your usual activities as soon as possible. They will, most likely, identify causal factors in your spine and posture, gait and flexibility, that are causing injury to recur.
They promote the fastest healing of injured tissues, so you can get back into it as soon as possible, often better than ever. 
My friend and colleague, Lee Lawrenson, holds a wealth of experience from his training and work in the field. He is located in Penwortham and Preston, and is busy treating people all week, every week, with soft tissue and joint injuries, therapeutic massage and rehabilitation. 
Lee is a fine gentleman who is dedicated to his job, and who will talk you through your condition, promote healing and recovery. He will also educate you with tips on future optimal body maintenance.
Check out his website. Further info on Lee here.

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