Monday 26 August 2013

September and The New You

September is a time of change and new beginnings. The holidays are over, a new school year. Young people heading off to university and new careers.
September is a great time to embark on a period of fitness training and a great time to start getting into shape. Your hips may be a little bigger after a "refreshing" fortnight by the beach. Your belly might be sticking out a little further than it once did.
Perhaps, even, you are finding things a little difficult, like climbing the stairs, like walking a short distance, or you just can't face the thought of repeating that titanic 10km run you completed 3 years ago. Or, you could be already looking forward to the end of year festivities, a big birthday party, or a wedding. You have a dress or a suite in mind, and its touch and go whether it will fit?

START NOW ~ Fit for early December
For PWR Personal Trainer, Paul Richardson, September is an ideal opportunity, and the perfect starting point, for all his clients. A chance to visualise a 12 week blast of fitness that will produce amazing body results for men and women, heading into the festive season and - say it quietly - the winter!
On average, with a good diet and commitment to regular workouts, its possible to lose 2lb a week of healthy weight, whilst toning the muscles.
A 12 week programme can produce a 24lb weight loss result, with muscle tone a likely side effect!
Ask Paul about the 12 week Transformation Programme ~ Website: e:

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