Tuesday 13 August 2013

Swimming - good for the abs

If you seek an all year round, weather proof and refreshing exercise option, get down to your local pool and restart your love affair with swimming.
Two blokes having a chat down at the council baths
My client, Tony Roe, 30, from Fulwood, Preston, did just that, in 2012. Tony found it tough going for a few weeks and months. By January 2013, Tony was swimming 20 lengths 3 times a week. Weighing in at 18 stone 6lb, Tony made the decision to do something about it.
I set Tony a challenge to complete - 250 lengths in a fortnight. Tony completed it. I set him another target - 300 lengths in a fortnight. Tony succeeded. Gradually, Tony's weight started to come down. A fortnightly weight in and review of diet produced, over the next few months, a serious set of results.
By May 2013, Tony had shed almost 2 stone of body fat, and was swimming up to 400 lengths in a fortnight.
Keep up the great work, Tony.
Paul Richardson
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