Friday 3 October 2014

Specialist personal training for total beginners

Fancy a free trial workout? To book that for you and your friends, you have to take the first step? Call or email now & tell us your dream goal. or 07855 121232
Personal Trainer Paul Richardson - of Preston, Lancashire
Parbold Bill(left) pushing Paul
has guided and coached countless people to healthier lifestyles and personal achievements they saw as beyond or behind them. The people who Paul helps are not "fitness people". Indeed, more often than not, its quite the opposite. They are normal people, with busy lives. Paul travels to client's homes throughout suburban Lancashire, and shapes effective changes that fit in and around the lifestyles that people lead in that part of the world. Hard working, family oriented people.
Some classic lines that Paul is used to hearing from prospective new starters, include:
"I am too busy"... "I have no time" ... "I like a glass of wine every night" ... "I have kids" ... "I work long hours" ... "I spend a lot of time travelling" ... "I dine out during work"...
Which is funny to hear. Funny, because more or less every new starter expresses a point like one, or all! - of these.
The difference between the successes and the non-starters? The future winners take that first, very VERY brave step to email Paul - - and ask him for his coaching.
They call because they feel they need to do something about their health and fitness or else face the prospect of continuing their lives as they are. Everyone who calls knows that something is not quite right about the balance of their health or lifestyle - or both - and they want to break the cycle they are stuck in.
"Nobody can help me!"
Paul is an expert at paving the way through a person's unique, individual and seemingly unsurpassable obstacles. Before they know it the path becomes clear and the person quickly starts to believe in the process, and see the results.
Because Paul's unique advice and coaching is tailored to fit each unique person, and empowers them at all times of the day or night, the resulting changes in behaviour and lifestyle decisions will be effective well into the long term.
The first step for you? Ask a question. Just ask Paul a question. Paul can help!

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