Monday 21 March 2022

PWR Couch to 5k Week 10

Week #10 Run #1: Monday
32 minutes 15 seconds for 3 miles (4.8km)

Run #2: Tuesday 
32 mins 
- mainly jogging with walks during the uphill final mile. Gregson Lane circular route.

Wednesday  REST DAY

Run #3 Thursday 
38m 15s: 3.6 miles
- full, continuous jog, including all hills, non stop.
Legs feeling strong, cardio all good, energy levels very good.

Run #1: A non-stop jog including two steep hill climbs and a gradual incline on the return mile. The same route as used throughout the campaign, but without any walking intervals.
It feels like slow progress, taking 10 weeks, but the old legs had multiple problems to begin with, and rest in between runs has proven to be a big advantage. Resting allows recovery and IMPROVEMENT in both muscles and circulation. 

In general the muscles are complaining much less, although they are tired at the end. That's how it should be, but feeling crippled for the whole day isn't!

Goal for 12 weeks
The end of the programme is less than 18 days away.
Goal #1:  Run 5km daily throughout the weekdays of 12
Goal #2: To Lose bodyfat and weigh - 6lb
Goal #3: To introduce cycling as an alternative cardio and fat burner

Action Plan
Weeks 10 and 11 will attempt to run daily but with intervals and pauses where necessary.
Use the bicycle to burn extra calories and strengthen the legs
Eat fewer sugars and carbohydrate
Eat proteins and vegetables


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