Tuesday 8 March 2022

PWR Couch to 5k Week 8

Week #8
After storms, a chesty cough and some sore angles, calf muscles, hamstrings and pelvis, the body is well rested, with only one run in weeks 6 and 7 completed.

Goals for Week 8
To complete a 30 minute run non-stop without pain and without leaving an injury anywhere on the body.

2. To establish an understanding of what is a beneficial frequency of running to produce progress and to avoid injury and to work out alternative exercises to do in between runs, to keep the metabolism high and keep fat burning (weight loss) progressing.

Week 8 so far....

Tuesday 8th March 2022
30 minutes non-stop - 2.7miles = 4.34 km.
A decent, pain free run which left no injuries.
I struggle on inclines (the uphill parts) and the return leg of this route is a slight uphill climb.
I overheated due to multiple layers of clothing.
I ate some toast beforehand - 8am - where previously I had only consumed a coffee and a glass of water before running.
Eating beforehand causes uncomfortable blood sugar effects which are very distracting. Running on empty is preferred, although I feel the lack of energy towards the 40-minute mark.
Run number #2
Thursday 10th March 2022
46 minutes: 3.85 miles
A decent, pain free run which left no injuries.


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