Thursday 7 February 2013

Gym based "Personal Trainers" are just gym instructors

Public humiliation - or gym based PT?
I just heard a PT horror story from one of my new clients. She related a story about a personal trainer she had signed up with after joining her local private health and fitness club. Amongst her issues were a complete lack of consultation, body screening, injury check and goals discussion. The fellow in question, a very strong, muscular, pristine physical specimen, spent no time talking about diet before saying "see you at the first session".
The lady had gained little or nothing from those initial exchanges, nor had the "trainer" gleaned any idea as to what the lady sought and needed from him.
Days later, she found herself grinding away on a bike while the trainer slouched over the adjacent machine, and tapped happily away at his tablet, 'texting' other people.
On several other occasions she reported her "trainer" being late by 25 minutes. This after the lady had gone to great lengths and inconvenience to secure her young child for a valuable 90 minutes of her time.
It is a symptom of the industry that this sort of thing happens. It is not the only industry to suffer, but when people join a club, they assume that the club has vetted their staff such that they are both sufficiently qualified, and sufficiently experienced to help.
If the humiliating "show around" by a nonchalant-gum-chewing salesman isn't soul destroying enough - "this is the swimming pool, its a rectangular cuboid containing water, and this is the lateral flyer machine, which is ideal for hitting the delts and the glutes" - at least this embarrassing component is included in the monthly fees. But any further help, beyond that, such as "how do I burn off my tummy fat?" and you are immediately invited to complete another invoice, on top of your gym fees "annual commitment", this time for a trainer. Gyms no longer seem to offer advice on fitness, instead, you need to hire "an expert."
But when you pay big money you trust and expect that you are receiving a high quality service. That includes a thorough consultation, a thorough inspection of your diet, and clear instructions for daily nutritional plans. You want to know that the trainer understands what you want to achieve, and be told what the plan is for the short and long term. You want to be reassured that the trainer will give you every ounce of his soul, time and attention to dedicate to your health and fitness goals. If he's texting his girlfriend, how is that helping you?

My new client starts today, at her home, on a diet plan, a workout plan designed around her schedule, her level of fitness, and with her goals in minds. She has a clear plan laid out for the next 4 weeks, and today we'll get straight into it, promptly, at the time stated.
Before you pay someone you never met, do the background research. Personal trainers are mostly dedicated and passionate about their subject, and will get you great results. They should have a catalogue of successes behind them, with commendations from people to show you!

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