Monday 21 April 2008

Look Good Naked Campaign - Values

Our values govern how we choose to spend our 168 hours each week. Sometimes our activities differ from day to day and week to week, but generally patterns develop. Choices are restricted to a large extent by the logistics of our jobs, our families, and health. And often, our preferred choice of
what we do and who we do it with are supressed by such influences, and the amount of time and energy they consume.

Personal wellness is not a priority for the majority of people. This does not mean it is not important to most, only the perception is that fitness is a full time pursuit, and ineffective unless given dedication. Just when one person tells you that fitness can be acheived alongside a busy family, work and social life, the next person demands 110% commitment or you may aswell pack it in.

I believe that most people are very conscious of their fitness and health, but other priorities make it an easy decision to disregard one's own health, fitness and wellness. Nevertheless, low down as fitness may be down the average person's pecking order, important it nevertheless remains.
Cricketers - to a certain extent, believe that by participating in cricket, can offset the negative impact of a less-than-optimal diet. However, on many weekends, cricket is not tough enough work for most adult men, and not enough to offset regular drinking and poor foods the rest of the time. In
general terms, cricket is not tough enough to create a balance between the two.

BALANCE is probably the best way to describe a sustainable, effective, healthy and active lifestyle. Appreciating that your bones and muscles, heart and lungs are designed to do physical work, and capable of massive feats of endurance and stamina, strength and agiility, is the foundation of the urge to be active. The appreciation of your own life and activities, friends and hobbies, and you own health, is the basis for choosing to do regular activity to retain and continue the enjoyment of such things.

Putting it into perspective. Choices. Choice for a fat person is hugely limited. Choice of activities, choice of clothes, choice of friends, and even getting a job. Good or bad, that's the way it is. As we age and our fitness declines, we non-fat, non-restricted people need to retain as many choices as we can or face the plight to which our chubby friends have becomed accustomed. For many the reaction comes too late, with a heart attack, or worse, which prompts wholesale changes, usually too late.

It is your standards and your values that you must uphold. While you are in control of many of your lifestyle choices, your body needs a little help from your mind to keep the body to the progressing alongside your life.
Exercise to keep you feeling strong, energetic, and alert.
Exercise to prevent weight gain.
Exercise to protect the back and joints from stress.
Exercise for fun.
Exercise to promote a strong immune system and a strong heart.
Exercise to use up adrenalin and promote good sleep.
Exercise to boost your love life.

How many other reasons are there? Plenty.

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