Thursday 24 April 2008

Well done Jos

A big well done to Jos from the Walking Lunch (Mondays at noon and Thursdays at 1pm. £3 per person including a bottle of water). A combination of controlled eating and regular lunchtime exercise through the winter and Spring has seen Jos lose 8lbs since February. Jos has trimmed down her figure, has stronger and more toned muscles, and handles her lunchtime workouts easily where once she found it tough. Good luck and future success for the summer ahead, Jos.
A big well done to Gary too. Having joined the same Walking Lunch group in the Autumn of 07, Gary has seen his strength improve. One illustration is his push up count. In 60 seconds, Gary started by barely managing 30 push ups in 60 seconds. Last week he managed to complete 71 push ups within 60 seconds. An awesome achievement.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Richardson
PWR Personal Training
TEl: 07855 121232

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