Thursday 10 April 2008

Preston Docklands WALKING LUNCH presents

Walking Lunch
featured in the Lancashire Evening Post - Ask the Expert
Preston Docklands
throughout Summer 2008

Professional personal trainer Paul Richardson leads a supervised group outdoor workout that burns fat and boosts energy levels. Burn an average of 250 calories per workout, the workout halts weight gain, and lifts your metabolism. The workout lasts 30 minutes, and involves strength elements built around a brisk walk, burning off as many calories as possible in the time available. Its great fun, and that's your daily exercise done.

Details and Current Schedule
Start point: Preston Marina, Boatyard Cafe
Mondays @ 12 noon

Thursdays @ 1pm
£3 per person: Drinks provided
Advice on diet and lifestyle included

Arrange a session for your office? Call Paul on 07855 121232 to talk about it

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